Just as the name implies, the Monark winter collection is not missing any surprises. The brand has established a prime repute by proclaiming to be a smart casual wear for men, and conspicuously it has not disappointed from the day  it instigated in 2015. So, what to expect from the winter 2019, we will start by talking about the winter campaign which is named #Winterstatement. The collection insinuates a strong, confident, progressive individual who is audacious and likes to stand out differently amid the usual or adversary.

The key aspect on which the brand is celebrated, is by providing what it promises which is overwhelming. In other words, the elements present in the collections fulfill the yearnings of the local market in a flawless way.


The winter suits are exclusively crafted by the artisans in Turkey, which means that the range is high in design elements, coupled with a sublime handwork, materials and fashion forwardness culminating into a product that is a must buy for anyone who is looking forward. In addition, the suits are particularly designed for special events, it can be an auspicious occasion such as a marriage or any formal event where you want to dress up experimentally and create your own unique style statement. Moreover, the suits are offered with a waistcoat and it can be ensured that the final look and the whole outfit would be incomparable to any. 

Blazers & Jackets:

Just as we talked about the design elements in the suits, the category of coats is not short of being sublime, the designs and trends that are picked are opulent, enmeshed with a radical style statement. The key element in the category is the craftsmanship and the usage of diverse materials. In a nutshell, it can be said that the category will manifest and imply to being close to the bespoke tailored jacket which is a significant development, as there are not many brands or not any one brand which is primarily focusing on bridging the gap of providing smart, tailored fit jackets on retail module.

The details are not just conspicuous in coats, but the jackets also contain fashion value additions for instance the silhouettes of jackets with contrast tipping, Moreover the high versatilyin materials is what makes the category stand out, compared to other brands and to Monark’s previous winter collections.

Sweaters & Pullovers:

The highlight of any fashion brand for winters is the range of sweaters it has to offer, this is because this is the foremost category of the season because of its functionality as well as the fashion forwardness. Monark enjoys a vital position when it comes to offering sweaters and pullovers, the design team of the brand has garnered the most immaculate details and embedded them with the modern day fashion, to come with a progressive range for this season and it is not astounding that this is one of the most high fashion range the brand has worked on.

To conclude, Monark winter statement is going to be on the racks in some days and we cannot wait for the compelling collection, and to roll through the season in style avidly.


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