People spend a lot of money for their beauty in the whole world and a wide variety of beauty products are present in the market among the beauty products the hair care is the most important part as everyone wants a Shiny thick hair

As there is so much pollution in the environment so our hair gets badly damaged by the polluted air and the bad quality of water, dandruff in hair is a common problem these days. the scalp issues are so common that people who have this problem are ready to spend a huge amount of money on hair care.

Some people prefer Ayurveda over the use of other Mineral oil for the hair but fake Ayurveda products are also very harmful this can cause very bad damage to the hair and make them rough and even the person can get bald. People also use olive oil for hair mustard oil and even coconut oil for their hair but among them, mustard oil and olive oil for hair are on the top priority.

In Ayurveda oliva olive oil has a special place in the treatment of many kinds of problems and it and it also used for internal body people use olive oil in cooking which makes the food much tastier and have their extra virgin oil is used for cooking many Italian and European brands are in the market which on the top priority of the people. Olive oil for hair is this aid for the damaged hair as it gives Nourishment and required protein to them. They also are well known for their vitamin E enriched properties among the other plant-based product.

There are so many multinational companies are providing olive oil for hair and it’s a million-dollar business for many brands. Very popular movie stars and models are used to advertise the product on TV to make it more famous. That’s why the prices are quite high. In ancient times people obtain their pure olive oil for hair by picking, the best Olive oils from the orchids specially produced for medicinal purposes these orchids are still very famous in Europe and they consider olive oil as the fruit sent from heaven due to its so many therapeutic qualities. Then the process of obtaining the oil was completed through Apparatus made at home it was a special technique for collecting the best quality olive oil for hair and also this oil was used for cooking which is still in trend in Europe and many other countries.


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