Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty – A Complete Guide

People looking forward to having nasal surgery often get stuck between two phrases – Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty.

Both of these surgeries are based on incisions and are meant to restore the functional and aesthetic properties of the nose. Thus, reconstructing the nose and retaining the glamorous appearance of the face.

Are you looking for any such reconstruction that treats your nasal improvement and builds an impressive nasal framework? In that case, you will always be offered with these two types of Rhinoplasty – Open Chirurgie du Nez and Closed Rhinoplasty.

Get ready to learn about these two in detail in this blog.

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

For both types, the surgeons undergo an incisional approach. But there are certain features and surgical techniques that create the major distinction. In fact, based on the surgical procedure and equipment, the benefits and drawbacks are presented.

Let’s have a look.

Open Rhinoplasty
Open rhinoplasty is done using a “bridging” incisional approach. This is termed as trans-columellar incision that is done connecting the left and right nostrils. In this, the surgeons fold back the nasal skin so that the underlying nasal structure is easier to view and is easy to carry out the entire surgical process.

Some Benefits of Open Rhinoplasty:

1. The folding back of nasal skin makes the surgical method too much prominent. This makes it easy for surgeons to access the underlying bone and cartilage structure.

  1. Due to such a technique, it even improves the accuracy of the treatment thus reshaping the nose properly.
  2. This reduces the risk of nasal cartilage distortion as it conducts the reshaping process using grafting techniques.
  3. The technique allows the surgeons to handle even the tough surgery very conveniently.

    Drawbacks of Open Rhinoplasty:

  4. Scars made due to incisions, although smaller in size, are visible to a great extent.
  5. Difficult to perform the Chirurgie du Nez through this technique.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty, although performed inside the nostrils, is often considered as the better option for nasal surgical treatment. The “parallel” incision technique is used to perform this job where the incisions are made under the nostril lining. Unlike the Open Rhinoplasty, the right and left nostrils remain disconnected and the entire process is conducted through nasal surgical openings.

Advantages Related to Closed Nasal Surgery Type Are Like:

  1. As the incisions are made internally, scars are hardly visible in the surgical area.
  2. Surgeons find this technique more friendly than the previous one.

Drawbacks of Closed Nasal Surgery Are Like:
1. Since no connections are made between the nostrils, it becomes difficult to place the nasal skin in the right way.

  1. Although the surgeons find Closed Rhinoplasty better than this, they have to deal with limited surgical exposure. Limited visibility matters a lot here.
  2. Challenges and limitations are quite frequent in this surgery type.

Which One Is Better – Open or Closed Nasal Surgery?

If you talk in terms of desired results and the patient’s natural anatomy, it is always the Closed Rhinoplasty that is recommended by cosmetic surgeons. Although it is difficult to carry on with the treatment due to a lack of exposure to surgical area, surgeons find this technique more convenient than the other one.

However, there are even some cases where Open rhinoplasty has beaten the Closed Nasal surgery with its better accuracy and minor scarring visibility. This, of course, consumes a lot of time and requires more patience compared to the other one. Probably, that’s the reason why surgeons prefer to recommend closed surgery.

Hey! There can be another reason for this offering. Closed surgery is always protective. It even heals the wounds more quickly and in a better way, reducing the risk of regenerating the pain. Maybe that’s why, surgeons recommend the patients to have the closed nasal surgery, though knowing this is quite difficult.

Now, this depends on you what you are planning to have. There is no such barrier.

So, just get in touch with a professional surgeon for Chirurgie du Nez and reshape your nose for a better appearance.

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