As the name suggests, P shaped bath has a ‘p’ shaped design that looks wider on one side. This style is suitable for anyone who wants save space while installing both bath and a shower while not having enough space for a shower enclosure.  Since shower baths come in two shapes, p and l baths, you may be interested in knowing how they both differ from each other.

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How P Shaped Bath Is Different from Other Baths?

Generally, shower baths can have different shapes like straight shower baths, l shaped or p shaped. Though all of these are designed for the same purpose, the main difference lies in their design. A P shaped bath has a rounded curved corner giving it a shape as the name suggests. In comparison, l-shaped, on the other hand, has a square corner at the other end. 

Here we have discussed why you should prefer a p shaped bathtub. 

  • Compact Design.

These shower baths have a compact design, especially if you compare it with freestanding bathtubs. This makes them suitable for all types of bathrooms, including smaller ones where space is an issue. Such a compact design is even more important considering their purpose of combining both bath and a shower. So, if you have a small bathroom or want to save space in a bathroom due to any other reason and still want a shower then, p shaped bath can be a suitable choice for you. 

  • Extra Shower Space.

As p shaped bathtub has a wider round on the other end, it makes manoeuvrability much more effortless. You can benefit from the extra space by installing a shower over it. In addition to that, a shower screen on this curved end will not only look good but prevent any water splashes. It may not look like much space, but freedom of movement while showering will take your showering experience to a new level of comfort and style. 

  • A Practical design for everyone. 

The P shaped bath is a suitable choice for the whole family as its practical design is ideal for a relaxing bath after a hard day out of home and quick morning showers. Similarly, if you have children, you can use this curved end to bath them while staying out of it. So, whatever the need of anyone, this design is suitable for the family. 

Free Up Floor Space.

Most people want bathtubs and showers in their bathrooms. Installing a bathtub and a shower enclosure requires considerable space. It is not always possible due to a lack of space. The p shaped bath makes it possible to enjoy a relaxing bath or shower while minimum use of bathroom space.

  • Cost-Effectiveness.

A P shaped bath can be a cost-effective way to benefit from both shower and a bath. A separate installation of a shower enclosure and a bathtub will cost you a lot more than a shower bathtub alone. Therefore, P shaped bath helps you save space and costs less compared to other bath and shower solutions. 


Summing It Up.

When it comes to installing a bathtub, you have plenty of options; however, not every design might suit you. A P shaped bath is suitable for you if you only have a bathtub’s space and budget but want both bath and shower facility in the bathroom. With its round curved shape on one side, it offers extra space for having a great shower experience while providing a space-saving option. If space in the bathroom is an issue and you want a comfortable shower or bath experience without compromising the look, then a shower bath can be an excellent choice. 


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