Parotid gland tumors occur in parotid glands – consisting of two lobes – the superficial lobe and the deep lobe. Parotid tumor surgery is required to get done – mainly to remove the tumor in the superficial lobe that is called as superficial parotidectomy – a surgery that is done to remove a tumor in the deep lobe or sometimes in both a deep and superficial lobes. It is called a total paritodectomy and the two lobes are separated by the facial nerve.

For many people who need parotid tumor surgery, it is performed by a head and neck surgeon. Treatment for parotid gland tumors needs great precision on the part of your surgical team because of facial nerve is nearby – that controls your ability to close your eyes, raise your eyebrows and smile.

According to surgeons, preserving the facial nerve is important, when it comes to remove a parotid gland tumor through a well-planned parotid tumor surgery. There is a chance that the nerve may be adversely affected by the tumor itself or by the surgical procedure that is required to remove the tumor.

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