Perks of living in the heart of the city

Perks of living in the heart of the city

If you prefer to spend your weekends in a happening mall and not in a secluded place, you are a city person. You often meet your friends in a restaurant or cafe and entertainment means watching movies in multiplexes, you are a city person. If you feel absolutely in sync with the noise and busy life around you, you are a city person.

Well, you are not alone. There are many people who thrive on the energy, chaos, and rush of the city life and love to soak in the culture and activity around. We often love to wonder about living in a secluded place away from the hustle and bustle of the city but there are some practical, inherent advantages of living right in the heart of a big city. Here, we list some of them:

  1. Availability of public transport:

It’s easy to travel around any part of the city in various transport modes like bus, train, metro, cabs etc. In a well-connected place, availability of public transport is very frequent and it is also very cheap to avail them. If you need a car for the weekend for traveling to some far away places, it can easily be rented. Traveling in public transport saves the cost for fuel in the car and free up a significant amount of time allowing the riders to spend their time in reading, working or being entertained. Availing public transport is safer and encourages healthy habits as people tend to do more physical activity while availing public transport.

  1. Less travel time:

Owning premium 3/4 BHK Residential apartments in Kolkata situated at the busiest and most important places in the city means you need less travel time than others to reach to work or any other important places. People living and working in cities tend to spend less time in commuting than those heading to the city from the suburbs every day. Well connected roads, bridges, subways, and alleys make life easier so that one can reach home on time and enjoy their time with family and friends.

  1. Favorite landmarks at your fingertips:

The city has many landmarks, parks, museums, and cultural heritage to give a visit. The newly developed Premium Residential apartments near Victoria Memorial naturally are attracting buyers who want to enjoy the beauty of the city’s most popular landmark sitting in their homes. Recreation plays a very important part in today’s busy life. If the places to meet friends or spend time with family are nearby, it becomes easy to catch up with them and spend some quality time. Unwinding actually lifts up the mood and improve overall well being of the adults.

  1. Swift emergency response:

With the best hospitals and nursing homes around, you are likely to get a faster emergency response. It may take a long time for ambulances to reach your home if you are living in a remote area. Police station, fire station and other facilities will be within a few minutes from your home. Plenty of Medical stores within your area will also be helpful in case you need any emergency medicine urgently.

  1. Healthier lifestyle:

Though there is more pollution in cities than in rural areas, urban people tend to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other crops are available in the cities all year round. Advanced treatment options, availability of important medicines and skilled doctors help people to keep a healthy lifestyle in check. Fitness trends hit the city first and so, gyms and fitness classes are more frequent in cities.

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