Whenever a car is sold, it is obvious to be sold with a pre-registered number plate from DVLA. Besides, the owner has all the liberty to change the original number and choose another customized number plate. Whenever a car is furnished with these individual number plates, they are called private or personalized number plates. They are also known as cherished number plates; however, for a group of enthusiasts or owners of vintage or luxury cars, these number plates are a badge of hard work and success, a glory, and a vehicle’s identity. Nevertheless, call it by any name; they all come under the roof of the private number plate.

The famous quote of Dita Von Teese, “I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute” is easily relatable with these car lovers who consider personalized number plates as their identity and glamour.

Removal and Fixing of New Number Plates

Removal of old number plates and fixing a new one is a crucial part as that is the final touch to your happiness and pride. Hence starting from manufacturing till fixing, including delivery, every piece should be completed in a secured manner.

Both fitting and dismissal of the number plates can be done on your own, or you can take the help of experts and get it done. There are a couple of methods through which the existing number plate is fixed on your car, by using number plate adhesive (sticky) pads or they are screwed to the vehicle. Once the fixing pattern is determined, get them removed accordingly with a screwdriver or by pulling off the number plate by hand without affecting the paintwork of your car.

While fixing the new personalized number plate, any of the stated methods can be used, keeping in mind that the result must be flawless. Fitting the number plate by drilling is the simplest way, provided it is done from the rear side using a 5mm drill, that will protect the film of the printed registration plate. If you prefer to use the adhesive pads, make sure to use two packs of them, each comes in a six-strip package. Applying both packs makes the number plate secured and strengthens the fixture. You just need to set the pads on the plate, peel off the protective tab from the sticky pads, and press them into the place carefully.

There are various types of cherished number plates available in the market. Let’s have a quick view of a few of them:

4D Number Plates: Being the latest in trend, these number plates are beautified with 3mm acrylic black characters. They are like extended family members of 3D number plates and are entirely legal with MOT approval that allows them to be designed as per your wish with the mentioned design and own as soon as possible.

These number plates are made using a Rollsroller flatbed applicator with an advance laser cutting technology, to cut off the accurate characters that are legally approved. Every inch of the work is measured finely to create the glamorous look of the personalized number plate with a proper space gap between each character. An exceptional grade British Standard reflective is applied to back the acrylic premium plate. The protective film on the characters of the plate is not removed to ensure a perfect finish post-fixation.

Green Number Plates: With the initiative of DVLA and other authorities of the UK government, green number plates were born in late 2018 for vehicles that run on ultra-low emanations. This activity is brought into reality to eradicate both diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040. Although Green number plates are not a fancy choice to opt for owners who are looking forward to acquiring a private number plate, it is usually kept reserved for vehicles that are eco-friendly such as vans, taxis, etc. Since the environment plays an essential role in our life, cheers to the owners of green number plate who has successfully moved a step ahead towards protecting the environment and roam around in pride showing off their earned badge of green number plate.

It is believed, if you have a car with a cherished number plate, it is the best way to showcase your personality. There are different types of private registration plates available that suits your budget and your status. The more uniqueness and customized character you would like to fit in, the more you have to pay to own the glory.


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