The term ‘personalization’ refers to an act where an individual defines a particular article according to his/her distinct specifications for being different than others. So, personalized number plates let a person choose his/her favored form of customization for a personal car or bike.

When an individual purchases a vehicle like a car or a motorcycle, the registration mark that is allotted with that vehicle will be undistinguished. Again, people may find it boring enough. But, then also, that plate is needed to be carried while driving on road as obvious.

What is the reason to buy private number plates in 2021?

The most talked about reason for using a private number plate is adding individuality to the vehicle. Other reasons count in advertising company’s name, show status, display favorite club, profession, etc.

From 2021:

There will be an introduction of BS145e as of September 2021. It will replace the current BS145d. The more robust and resilient material is going to be in use that can handle more abrasion, damage, and impact, and bending. Also, it will tolerate excessive thermal change. This material will appear clearer on ANPR cameras on the roads of the UK.

It also indicates that the digits will alter. So, there won’t be any two-tone number plates after the introduction of the new standard. The only acceptable digits will be the solid black ones. The ANPR cameras will be able to catch the number plates easily and identify the exact vehicles. Though 4D will be okay yet it should possess solid black digits.

All private number plates and random number plates need to display the business name and postcode of the suppliers in the exact bottom center of the plate. The manufacturer’s name should be on the bottom right corner of the registration plate. There won’t be any change of borders.

Limitations on the registration plate from 2021:

Few characters won’t be in use anymore. For instance, alphabets ‘I’, ‘Z’, ‘Q’ won’t be allowed to display as the first two characters on a British private number plate. Again, the letters ‘I’, and ‘Q’ can’t be used as the last three alphabets on the plate.

The DVLA undetermined some vehicles’ origin or age. The letter ‘Q’ is considered as reserved for the number plates of those vehicles. So, Kit Cars and other vehicles that are customized can hold Q registration. Moreover, combinations resembling any word or phrase that can appear to be offensive cannot be used. The DVLA excludes these types of combinations.

Vintage Number Plates:

Since the starting of 2021, the DVLA has withdrawn the connection of the definition of vintage plates to the tax exemption of rolling 40 years. It means an individual can use vintage private number plates only on pre-1980 vehicles from January 1, 2021.

So, summarising the changes in number plates from 2021:

No one can use the EU flag identifier on the UK number plates anymore. The rule is being followed from January 1, 2021.

Since December 8, 2020, the green number plates are being used for electric vehicles.

The rules related to vintage number plates have changed and these plates can be used only on pre-1980 vehicles. The rule is being followed from 1st January 2021.

BS145e will be in use as a standard for number plates in the UK from 21st September 2021.

Examples of 2021 number plates:

number plates

About the letters:

The very first two letters are called the local memory tag. They display the place of registration of the particular vehicle. The first letter means the region. The second letter means the local DVLA office.

For instance, if a vehicle is registered in London, then the number plate will start with LA through to LY. Letter ‘Z’ is used as a random alphabet but never represents an area code.

The last three alphabets of the private number plate are selected on a random basis. These letters are allocated during the registration of the vehicle. The particular allocation to a dealership and the random nature of the letters provide a unique identity to every vehicle.


So, since the beginning of 2021, the new 21 series plates will be in use. People can purchase private number plates and creatively flaunt their personality. There is a wide range of ideas concerning personalized number plates. It just needs little imagination and a bit of creativity to choose a combination of numbers and letters suitable to individual taste.


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