What started as an experiment and an alternate option for learning has now become one of the integral parts of the education system. COVID 19 transformed the lives and lifestyle all across the world and the educational institutions were no different. Both the students and teachers across the globe had to mold into a new setting, adopting the remote learning condition. As is predicted it will take a considerable amount of time before the higher educational institutions can conduct on-campus classes. Even the university admission in Uganda has been conducted online for the upcoming academic sessions.

Given the persisting conditions distance and remote learning have found a new popularity, and the universities and colleges are revamping their approach towards the alternative modes of learning. Thereby your choice of selecting the best university in Uganda for admission during the pandemic era will have a few more points of consideration than it did previously.

  • What are the modes of learning options offered?

Your first point of consideration for university admission in Uganda during the current era should begin with the inquiry about the modes of learning offered. Even though many colleges and universities are pivoting back to in person classes there is every possibility that the classes might fall back online again.

As we may predict in the current era there are new criteria for choosing the best university in Uganda and across the globe and the remote learning mode is the prominent point. You may ask for the test drive of the online learning platform or ask for a process run through as most of the educational institutions are offering a perspective session for the students.

  • What support and service the college is offering?

One of the many concerns that you must keep in mind during university admission in Uganda is that of the support and services offered by the institutions. Students are one of the worst hit groups, by mental health issues during COVID-19 as per many surveys conducted in 2020. While remote learning has offered a stable solution to any disruption caused in the educational discourse, it does have created a lot of mental stress on students.

Many colleges and universities are now looking into the matter intensely and responding with a counseling and other support. Institutions are motivating student-led mental health support groups as well as peer mentorship.

  • How is the fee structure defined?

Coming to the next point of consideration for university admission in Uganda, you should consider the financial factors. Many universities have made changes in their fee structure as the pandemic drags on. The pandemic induced economic conditions have affected both the institutions as well as the students drastically. However, many colleges are offering discounts or fee cut off, or special courses at affordable fees.

Your search for the best university in Uganda should be aligned to the college you can afford as well as that which has strong financial standing. Look around for scholarships and grants if any offered by the university.

  • Will the class be conducted completely online?

There is no doubt that COVID 19 pandemic has affected the campus-based lifestyle and the learning environment. Now the question lies if the institutions are offering the classes completely online or if they are choosing a blended mode in the coming times. As such what are the safety protocols mentioned how will the classes be managed etc. needs to be accounted for?

Campuses are yet to adopt changes adhering to the safety of the students. The blended learning mode has been adopted by many universities prior to the pandemic era and those institutions are establishing their way to the list of the best university in Uganda.

  • Which online degrees are offered by the college?

Finally, the point of consideration to be kept in mind is the course. Many universities are offering selective courses and online degrees. As such your choice of university admission in Uganda will highly depend upon the course or degree you are interested in and if the university is offering the same. There is no dearth of degrees offered by universities both traditional and in online mode.

Given that the universities have figured out the advantage of offering online degrees will help them in retaining international students. They are offering options from certification courses to post-graduate degrees with the same value and recognition as a traditional degree on completion.

In conclusion, the perspective towards the learning and education has taken a new direction and requires new criteria of consideration. The digital age for the educational sector has kicked off and those institutions will be better placed in the list of preferences that can provide the students with easy access and support to learning in a compatible fee structure.

Considering the above points, if we have to consider the best university in Uganda deciding upon one name can be a huge dilemma. However, Cavendish University Uganda can be a good consideration, as the institution of higher education has achieved critical recognition among the higher educational institutions in the country. The university has handled the educational discourse well during the pandemic era and has resumed on campus classes in its recent session in a staggered manner to allow all the students the opportunity to attend physical classes while abiding by the necessary safety measures.

The dynamics of educational discourse are going through a massive transformation with experts across the world trying to figure out the right fit. Meanwhile, you can refer to the above discussed points and make can come to a plausible decision.

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