Olive oil is most commonly used in all the recipes and is considered to be healthy. But sometimes we do prefer eating butter. So here is the recipe on how to prepare butter infused olive oil at home which is easy to cook and can be prepared easily. It is for those people who want to feel the taste of butter but at the same time they are health conscious. So this butter olive oil can be either purchased from outside or can be prepared at home.

It is the same as the other infused olive oils. We can also prepare the lemon olive oil and other herbs olive oil and make our dishes tasty. So the methodology behind this is the collection of the different herbs of which we are making the olive oil along with the fine quality of olive oil in which these herbs will be infused.

To prepare butter olive oil at home. Heat a saucepan and add a little amount of butter to it. Then to it add the olive oil along with some of the herbs. This will give a very good flavor to the olive oil. And then let the oil rest for about some time. After this, it is ready to be used and can be used. This easy way can be prepared freshly at times and can be used.

So preparing olive oils and infusing different herbs gives the oil a new flavor along with some nutrients. So it is good to use these infused olive oils to increase your taste and quality of food.


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