A melt pump for pulsation-free melt metering, allowing production suitable for filaments, sheet film, or fiber spinning. To evaluate mechanical or optical qualities, create test specimens with Thermo ScientificTM HAAKETM MiniJet Pro Injection Molding equipment.

The Process 11 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder was designed with an easy-to-use touch-screen operation, an integrated feeder control, and readily detachable product contact components. The small monocoque construction saves laboratory space and is perfect for fume hood applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a global leader in science services, has introduced the Thermo Scientific Process 11 parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder for polymer and food sector applications. Process 11, which was launched in April, is intended to address the major issues that formulation scientists encounter in their research and development work.

The 11 mm extruder is intended to reduce material costs, make operations easier, and maximize laboratory space. To do this, the Process 11 benchtop employs a small quantity of sample material (20 g) and has a user-friendly touchscreen with integrated feeder control.

Karl Gerhard Hoppmann, vice president and general manager of Thermo Fisher’s material characterization division said, “Our tiny, stand-alone design is ideal for small-scale tests while yet being durable enough to produce data applicable to production circumstances.” Because of the Thermo Scientific standalone compounding systems’ complete scalability, the results are simply acquired. “

The Thermo Scientific Process 11 twin-screw extruder has various configuration options, including multiple split feeding and venting ports, a die design for rapid strand diameter adjustments, and eight barrel segments (length: 5 L/D) for exact temperature profiles. Thermo Fisher provides a comprehensive compounding line that includes feeding solutions as well as downstream equipment such as water baths and variable-length pelletizers. The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniJet small injection molding machine can be utilized as a workflow solution to form the compounded materials into test specimens for further testing of mechanical or optical qualities.

The compact monocoque design of the machine reduces its footprint four to five times that of comparable twin-screw extruders, allowing for simple transport and fume hood applications. The screw parts and barrel design scale geometrically throughout the whole array of Thermo Scientific extruders, allowing for simple process scaling-up. The instrument is instantly available.

With its complete Thermo Scientific material characterization solutions, Thermo Fisher, one of the pioneers in rheology, effectively supports a wide range of industries. A tiny footprint decreases the need for lab space, while less ingredient consumption reduces environmental contamination and operator exposure.

Extend the capabilities of your Thermo Scientific Process 11 Twin-screw Extruder with a selection of attachments that may aid in the creation of 3D filaments for additive manufacturing, the formulation of novel food items, the optimization of polymer compositions, and much more. Connect the Melt Pump and 3D Filament Spooler to the Process 11 Extruder to swiftly test alternative filament compositions for 3D printing applications.

Process 11 Melt Pump

A small-scale, user-friendly melt pump for pulsation-free metering. The Process 11 Melt Pump is controlled via the user interface of the Process 11 Twin-Screw ExtruderThe stainless steel housing with an integrated control drive makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

3D Filament Spooler

Because it features an adaptive pulling force, this 3D filament spooler has a changeable line speed and the capacity to self-adjust the coil diameter size while spooling. A filament distribution traverse with configurable travel guarantees consistent filament spooling over the whole spooling width. This spooler accepts a variety of coil diameters. Use this little spooler on a tabletop or in conjunction with moveable support for a floor-standing extruder.


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