When people see a unique thing on the road, they pause and look at it. It’s a human tendency. You may have seen many number plates displaying their names or the company’s name to promote their business cleverly. Well, it’s a great strategy used by top business companies. When you use Personalised Number Plates on the company vehicle, you can boost your company’s identity. Before you decide to opt for these number plates for your business, you need to have a look at their pros and cons. 

What are the advantages of using Personalised Number Plates on Company Vehicles?

Using a personalised plate on a company vehicle has major advantages like helping advertise your business, creating consistent brand awareness and preventing vehicle theft.

  • Best for advertising your business

The use of a personalised plate on a company vehicle is a great way to do free advertising for your business. For this number plate, you are investing one time, and it offers you more benefits to promote your business for upcoming years. Whenever your company vehicle is parked or driven on the roads, the unique and distinctive number plates will grab the attention of both pedestrians and motorists. You must check your vehicle’s registration number so you can know about the vehicle’s history because it’s quite common for a vehicle to be damaged, written off, on finance or stolen.   

Presently, 4D plates are the latest trends, which have more demand in the market. You can choose to be in the trend while choosing the Personalised Number Plates for your company vehicle. It is a great way to advertise your business and is also considered the most cost-effective method to display your brand in front of your potential customers regularly. When you think of using private plates for advertising your business, you should go through many number plates to find the best and most suitable one. 

  • Create consistent brand awareness

The personalised plates are not meant to be used in more than one car, but you can utilise them to create uniformity for all your business vehicles. The use of stickers and decals to promote the brand name is the best way of advertising, whether it’s a whole fleet of trucks or a couple of cars. When you maintain a consistent private plate with the design of the signs and the wording on your other vehicles, you are able to create uniformity in your business that can give a more professional look to your business.  

  • Prevent vehicle theft

The personalised plates attached to your business vehicle will make your vehicle easily recognizable and more distinctive. But you cannot deny that the personalised registration number plate is helpful in preventing vehicle theft and deterring criminals. Experts say that easily-recognizable vehicles are not preferred for stealing by criminals as it raises their chances of getting caught in red hands. Having distinctive personalised plates can also help you to get back your stolen vehicle in the event. Thus, using a personalised plate can help your business stay safe by preventing vehicle theft.

vehicle theft

What are the disadvantages of using Personalised Number Plates on Company Vehicles?

The use of number plates on a company vehicle has some major drawbacks, such as limited reach with advertising and can be unsophisticated.

  • Limited reach with advertising 

Using Personalised Number Plates on a company vehicle is the best way to advertise the business, but you cannot buy the same number plates for your other business vehicles. It is because these number plates are one-offs. Thus, you have to use a personalised plate that ties in with the specific industry and the business of your vehicle. For small businesses, choosing personalised plates is the best way to advertise in the local place, but when you have a bigger audience, then it may be less effective as it has limited reach. 

  • Can be unsophisticated 

You can easily promote your business with the help of a personalised plate, but it’s important to buy a suitable private registration number. For instance, your personalised plate represents a funny joke, and it can be a great way to attract new customers, but everyone may not enjoy this joke. If some individuals find the joke is not funny, then they will not prefer to use your brand. Therefore, you must try to avoid unsophisticated personalised plates for your company vehicle as it can affect your business. 

Overall, considering the pros and cons of using personalised number plates on company vehicles must have given you a clear idea about taking the right action. If you buy trending private plates, you can opt for 3D and 4D plates. But make sure you have clearly understood the laws related to the use of 3D and 4D number plates on your company vehicle.


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