Until about a decade ago, whenever people wanted to buy an apartment, they would always try to reason out whether to buy one in a standalone apartment or a big residential complex. However, now that people are aware of the amazing community life and amenities that modern residential complexes offer, there is no scope of debate. Those who can afford to; certainly prefer to buy an apartment in a residential complex.

While evaluating housing projects near Joka Metro in order to buy my first home, I had made a checklist of all the things I wanted to rate the properties on before making a final buying decision. Based on my research and understanding, here’s a quick guide and a checklist to help you in buying an apartment in a residential complex.


This is perhaps the first aspect that you must take into consideration while looking for an apartment in a residential complex. And your location checklist should have the following parameters to mark.

  • Neighborhood
  • Distance from workplace
  • Distance from educational institutions, marketplace and healthcare facilities
  • Connectivity

Apartment Size and structure: 

I have come across many sprawling residential complexes where the apartments are just not up to the mark in terms of area as well as overall architecture. As such, this is another aspect that I had decided to look at very closely. No matter if you are checking out 3 BHK Flats for Sale in Joka or 2BHK flats in Patuli, Kolkata, this is the checklist you may want to follow:

  • Net usable floor area or carpet area
  • Layout of the apartment
  • Available open area in the form of a balcony or terrace garden


The world-class amenities that modern residential complexes have are one of the primary reasons why most people today want to buy apartments. As such, you should also have a checklist in place for the amenities and these are aspects you may want to rate the apartment on:

  • Open areas like lawns and parks
  • Wellness amenities like gym and swimming pool
  • Indoor and outdoor sports arenas
  • Club and banquet hall
  • Entertainment venues like cafes and amphitheater 


Compared to standalone apartments, residential complexes are always considered much safer. Most reputed residential complexes have state-of-art security infrastructure but if you want to be doubly sure, here are the parameters you can evaluate the property on.

  • CCTv surveillance
  • 24x 7 Manned security at strategic places around the complex
  • Tracking of visitor entry and exit
  • Smoke detectors and alarms
  • Emergency Exits


Most people buy residential complexes so they can avail all the wonderful amenities present there. However, from experience I can say that if the administration is not strong enough and maintenance works are not carried out in a timely manner, these amenities can be rendered useless in no time. It is as such important to ensure that there is a dedicated maintenance committee to take care of such things as well as the day-to-day running of the residential complex. Also, the annual or monthly maintenance fee is something that many might want to look at before finalizing the decision to buy an apartment. 

While these are a few things that I have outlined, you may also want to evaluate the overall infrastructure of the residential complex and find out about their waste management as well as water purification systems as these are absolutely essential for a healthy living. 


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