AngularJs is popular among JavaScript frameworks and is the top choice among front end developers. It allows for creating simple and feature-rich websites. While there are many other options available, here is why AngularJs steals the show.

Advantages of using AngularJs

  • It saves you from the MVC Woes – If you usually split your app into various MVC components and then stitch them together with the code, this is a thing of the past with AngularJs. The tool lets you split the components. It lets the framework to take care of the additional tasks. It acts as a pipeline that connects various components.
  • Similar to the MVVM architecture – Instead of implementing the MVC in an original manner, AngularJs moves close to the Model-view-view-model or the MVVM architecture. It is a vital architecture that lays down the foundation for application development and design.
  • The workflow of design development – The AngularJS Development Company developers can now leave out the CSS and HTML mark-up when they design the apps and add the mark-up, which they do without breaking the application. All that they need is to move the elements around the code corresponding to it instead of rearranging the codes.
  • A built-in subsystem of dependency injection – The AngularJs platform comes with a subsystem of a built-in dependency injection that eases the Unit testing process. It lets you ask for the dependency without hunting for it. In simple terms, when you wish to get access to the core services of AngularJs, then all that you need to do is add the service parameter. The AngularJs will detect the need and offer the service instantly to you.
  • Needs fewer coding – AngularJs requires less coding that is substantially lower than its counterparts. It is simple to write data models without any setters. It also allows easy manipulation of data without the modifying controllers but making use of the filters.
  • PubSub system that is aware of the context – The PubSub decouples context-sensitive communication. It makes the application smarter without slowing the application down.
  • Dating binding that works two ways – The real time concept in AngularJs allows the models to get projected to the application view. It lets the projection to be hassle-free with minimal effort from the developers. AngularJs does not need a fresh cycle for the model and view, which saves it from being prone to bugs,
  • Easy testing – The JavaScript code in AngularJs goes through various tests, which are built-in functions. It allows starting from scratch and testing each component of the app seamlessly.
  • Single page application – Single page applications are popular as they are more responsive. AngularJs lets you create it. It allows moving various functionalities to the web.
  • Amazing flexibility – AngularJs offers filters that let you achieve great flexibility in the application. The filters help in sorting the data out till it reaches the view. The filters also format decimal places or reverse the array order. These also work standalone, which is separate from the app.

AngularJs lets you handle the wireframes of your project during the initial development and testing phases. It also caters to other needs. These include transitions for powerful web applications or websites and meeting the demands of animation. The JavaScript-powered solution is something that many website designers are betting on. It is also because it is easy to use the AngularJs as a whole. So if you wish to create a rich web experience, then AngularJs is your one-stop solution.

The benefits that AngularJs has to offer make it a popular option among the developers. The robust framework comes from the house of Google and promises to offer an engaging experience. Loaded with a plethora of functionalities, it does pay to a Hire AngularJS Application Developer who can help avoid these common mistakes.

Mistakes that a professional developer will avoid

AngularJs is easy to use. However, if you are a novice then you may end up committing these mistakes. Here is what to watch out for.

  • Complex Controllers

It is a common mistake that gets committed with an enriched coding job. The complex controllers will try to do several tasks in one context. It can make one mix the logical layers. When you Outsource AngularJS Development, the developer sticks to the basics of development and design. He also writes and maintains the code. The professionals ensure that the display layers focuses on the data display and do not end up with bugs.

  • Inefficient usage of the tools

An amateur may end up not using the available tools adequately. In turn, it does not allow profiling and debugging and generates an error output. Hire AngularJS Developer as he uses the tools to allow the development of the app in the browser. It lets him find errors and troubleshot them quickly.

  • Ignoring the Batarang

You may ignore the Batarang, which is the best extension on Chrome that helps in debugging the AngularJs app. The Batarang allows model browsing that lets you get a peek inside the AngularJs app and determine the scope that the model is bound to.

  • Testing the website manually.

TDD or test-driven development may not be for all. When you check to see if the codes are running fine, you are just testing the app manually. It is a waste of effort and time. The developers understand that AngularJs tests it from the ground up. With the dependency injection module, they take testing to a higher level without relying on manual testing.


AngularJs undoubtedly is the most popular among the JavaScript frameworks today. It has made the app development process simple. It is an optimal framework to prototype smaller applications. It also lets you scale to create a fully-featured client-side app, which is again something that adds to its popularity.

There are many benefits and tools that AngularJs has to offer. If you are not sure about using it to create a dynamic web application, hire a professional AngularJs developer. They know the in and out of the tool, letting you reap the maximum benefits from it.


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