In today’s confusing environment and a troubled economy, business considerations in the healthcare industry may take precedence in assessing the viability of the medical practice. One of the most significant issues confronting physicians today is not only focused on patient care, rather many of today’s caregivers are also preoccupied with the financial side of health care, particularly Urgent Care Billing and coding.

According to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine, up to 100 new urgent care clinics open their doors each year. With each new clinic comes a new set of coding and Urgent Care issues associated with increased health plans. Because urgent care procedures are more sophisticated and expensive, Urgent Care billing for walk-in clinics and urgent care centers can be more difficult than for other types of primary care.

Payer reimbursement regulations and programming changes have increased income for healthcare clinics making urgent care operations more difficult. However, after you’ve identified some of the issues confronting your practice, there are tactics you may use to get started.

The following are just a few of the issues that clinics and urgent care billing practitioners are now dealing with:

Issue1: Prior Authorization

An urgent care clinic may not always have the time to contact insurance companies in order to secure pre-authorization for treatments.

Issue2: Patient Access

While the urgent care sector has matured tremendously since its founding, there are still uncertainties and challenges regarding patient access.

Issue3: Denials are the third challenge

Claims denial is one revenue cycle issue that all walk-in clinics and urgent care centers are concerned about. Denied claims not only extend days to the revenue cycle and so disrupt cash flow, but they can also deprive you of potential profits if not resolved quickly.

What causes complexities in urgent care billing?

  • Errors in billing
  • Failure to keep up with medical billing standards and restrictions
  • Problems with eligibility
  • Coding and invoicing errors in urgent care

Role of Sunknowledge in Urgent Care Billing

Sunknowledge offers the expertise and competence to work with all of the leading urgent care billing platforms. We will provide you a versatile, genuine, and dependable method for overcoming billing issues. Sunknowledge is the finest place to go when you need excellent urgent care billing support.

Working with Sunknowledge gives you access to world-class resources and cutting-edge approaches. We are a revenue cycle management service that will enhance your reimbursements while leaving you to focus on your care management obligations. Contact us to see how:

  • We reform your urgent care billing
  • Increase your financial credentials
  • Provide a better denial management experience

Furthermore, our streamlined account management standards, as well as tailored reporting will provide you a thorough understanding of your operational processes. Sunknowledge is currently offering end-to-end urgent care support with 100% HIPAA compliance for just $7 per hour for a dedicated biller engagement.

One of the major aspects of working with us is that we do not use any alteration or write-off procedures unless you have pre-approved them. We will reduce your billing charges by up to 80% while delivering reliable qualification verification, accounts receivable recovery, and collections support.

In addition, we guarantee a 95% improvement in the collection. Sunknowledge is your go-to source for cutting-edge urgent care billing services. We’ve had a lot of success working with big brands in the urgent care industry. Our experienced resources, cutting-edge techniques, and comprehensive awareness of the claims processing requirements enable us to provide you with the best urgent care billing support.

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