You will see that old or used printer cartridges can stack up speedily, particularly when you possess more than one printer. Proper recycling of ink cartridges is needed to end up 350 million ink cartridges and toners every year. Luckily, many useful cartridge recycling solutions do exist. We are presenting you with some options, so find the best one that suits you.

Visit the local supply store

The ink cartridges that are used might get back to office supply retailers. What you have to do is to research the office supply store in your area. Afterward, check their website whether the store is providing you the facility of sell unused toner cartridges OR  we buy unused toner.

Discover a local recycling facility

This task is a lot easier than you might think. You can easily explore your nearest recycling center through Earth911®. You just need to type in the recycling material you would like to ink and toner and then add your zip code. A wide range of recycling locations will be enlisted concerning your area.

How to fundraise?

Another option is to earn some extra cash through a group named ecycle Group®. The product that you want to recycle needs at least 20 items or either 20 pounds of that product. Afterward, get the printout of your free shipping label as well as send off your empty cartridges.

How will the ecycle group assist you? Ecycle is such a group that has covered many organizations with opportunities like fundraising and is dealing with thousands of businesses, schools, churches, and nonprofits all over the globe. They do offer a number of free fundraising tools straight away on their site, together with flyer templates and tips for a fruitful recycling campaign. If you want your cartridges to get accepted, they must lie on the pre-approved recycling price list. If you are dispatching cartridges, make yourself certain to independently bubble wrap each cartridge or in a newspaper to lessen out the damage in transit.

Note: Company is responsible for buying cartridges online of original brands only. Broken and remanufactured cartridges are not eligible. You will get your checks issued on a monthly basis although the profits will range anywhere from .23 cents to $9.00. The profit will depend on the cartridge.

Make use of correct ink refill kit

If the ink cartridge is used only once and is of the original brand, you can get the opportunity to refill and reuse that same cartridge by using the correct ink refill kit.

What does the refill kit include? Most of the refill kits consist of a bottle of ink, screw tool, a syringe, plastic gloves as well as refilling instructions.

Procedure to refill the ink cartridge

If you need to refill the ink cartridge, fill the required level of ink into the cartridge manually. As the ink cartridge gets filled up to the measurements, the ink cartridge is now capable of reuse and print as expected. The capacity of the ink and the given instructions for refill may vary with cartridge brands. is providing you a platform that offers you a number of refill kits for some of the most popular ink cartridges, together with kits for HP® and Canon®.

Note: you have the option to refill your ink cartridges offtimes. Ultimately, your prints will start to weaken in quality and you will require a brand new ink cartridge.

As we are well aware of eco-friendly options, we can easily make a routine of recycling our printer cartridges. Our purpose is to instruct others on the significance and plainness of recycling.

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