Access control security surveillance system keeps your people, organization, and assets safe. Robust security infrastructure is essential to growing a secure and safe enterprise. Access control security surveillance system is one of the first aspects you have assumed to exist when walking into a hospital, government building, university, school, or any other institution. Most of the organizations want access control security surveillance system that is easily maintainable, reliable, and create a safe and secure workplace for all that step onto the premises. Access control security surveillance system that is integrated can be accessed from a single interface. You can access it from smart phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere. You can save time since the software and hardware work together, and it is user friendly so you can be able to avoid learning how to operate multiple systems.

Some access control security surveillance systems are:

• Card Readers
• Door Readers
• Bluetooth Readers
• Long Range Readers
• Biometrics
• Parking Gates
• Turnstiles
• Visitor Kiosks
• Badge Printing
• Locking Hardware including Wireless & PoE Locks

An access control system can be as simple as the use of magnetic swipe cards or electronic instead of keys to unlock a door. An access control security surveillance system is the most widely used solution across corporate to restrict unauthorized access for outsiders into premises. Hundreds or thousands of people enter through or exit from a door in a day. Some effective access to access control systems are:

• Protection of the facility
• Effective monitoring and control of remote locations
• Limit access to business critical or restricted areas especially server rooms or restricted area
• Controlling and reporting on any unusual events
• Reporting for regulatory or compliance purposes
• Tracing and Tracking of people for evacuation purposes
• Security for staff and visitors

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