What is Shopify?

Shopify is a famous eCommerce platform that helps in creating an online store, without any technical skills.

Shopify eCommerce Development Company can be considered as an ideal eCommerce platform due to the following reasons:

  • User Friendly: Shopify reduces any kind of complexities of creating an online store. Users can create a Shopify account and use the available toolset to set up an online store easily without any technical knowledge. First of all, Shopify is a top-rated eCommerce platform because it reduces the burden and complexity of creating an online shopping website from start. Moreover, it’s amazingly easy to manage and control the user’s store and all entire data through a straightforward and clean dashboard.
  • Incredible 24 *7 support: Shopify’s customer support team is available 24/7 and dedicated to finding solutions for all kinds of problems related to this online shopping platform. If you have any questions or issues related to the usage or features , you can contact and share it through email, live chat, and phone. The customer support team will try to address the issues as soon as possible and pass them to the experts.
  • Bundle of themes: Themes are basically nothing, but a plug-and-play solution specially designed to customize any website. Shopify offers thousands of ready-to-use themes to its users enabling them to browse themes with a variety of design, style, functionality, and pricing. There are both free and paid versions of the themes, thus the user can custom Shopify Theme Design as well.
  • Themes related to different industries like clothing, fashion, shoes, food, beauty, health are categorized by Shopify so that the user can access them without any difficulty.

Shopify categorizes its themes in order to find a suitable theme quickly without difficulty. Themes for a wide range of industries starting from art & photography, clothing & fashion, jewelry & accessories, electronics, food & drink, health & beauty, to toys & games, and many more are provided.

  • Multi-payment gateway integration: Shopify offers more than a hundred payment options to customers including almost all widely used payments, such as Phonepay, Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and many more third-party payment integrations. Customers often get frustrated due to payment failures or unavailability of payment options, thus if you want your target audience to experience the best try Shopify.

Indications to Change Your E-commerce Platform

  • Slowness of the Website : Research suggested that 53% of shoppers will leave a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Some of the main reasons for sluggish websites include JavaScript issues, excessive flash content, incomprehensible code.
  • Integration Issues: Various e-commerce platforms deal with multichannel integration differently with respect to compatibility, speed, cost, security, functionality. Whenever you face any issues with data integration in your current platform, it’s time to consider re-platforming.
  • Too much cost & maintenance: Talking about maintenance in case if there are lots of bugs in the existing functionality then considering customer’s experience it’s necessary to switch to a better-built e-commerce platform.
  • Lack of features due to outdated software: Initially many businesspeople choose free or inexpensive platforms to set up a basic store. However, as time and business grows customers might experience lack of advanced functionalities in the store. It’s the time when you must think about changing your ECommerce platform.

Outsource Shopify Development

Below are some essential tasks that must be considered to outsource Shopify development:

  • Designing a Store design and theme customization: First and the foremost approach for outsourcing shopify development is analyzing the store requirements and designing likewise. The theme customization also plays a crucial role as it attracts a lot of audiences.
  • Publicity: which consists of proper content marketing. It includes preparation of unique content, copywriting, design, photography, SEO/SEM and social media management etc.
  • Website: It refers to website design and development, 24 * 7 customer support, live chat, email, phone, etc. Compatibility of the store for mobile users.
  • Listing new products to the store on a regular basis. This includes SEO optimization.
  • Product photography: Product photography outstands all other tasks. It is the key to maximum outsourcing. You must always Make sure to have the high-quality product images for your store to attract customers
  • Managing orders as they come in
  • Authentic payment modes on the store

Hire Shopify Application Developer

Whenever you plan to start an eCommerce business you must consider a few things like analyzing how your product can reach the maximum people, sourcing a product, supervising inventory, creating the best possible market strategy.

There can be chances that you don’t have any developing experience yourself, without giving a second thought you should allow an expert to handle the development side of things. This would save a lot of time and you can focus on other improvement areas.

You must hire Shopify Application Developers who are specialized exclusively in web development, payment gateways, inventory systems, and navigation or Shopify websites. They will manage most of the development activities which will enable you to spend more time on building other parts of your business.

This means that they have unique cognizance and development experience compared to other developers.

Technical Skills: Shopify developers must have an in-depth knowledge of the platform’s API, PHP and JavaScript.

Apart from the above-mentioned technical knowledge you must hire a Hire Shopify Application Developer who has previous hands-on experience on Customizing the UI of your store, make code changes as and when required, Manage the functionality and performance of the store.

Apart from these technical skills, you should also try to find a developer that has:

Extraordinary Communication Skills: Communication is the key to success

Communication is the most important factor that must be considered while you hire Shopify Application Developer. Status related information and the deadlines of the tasks must be communicated properly.

Hands on experience

Always prefer to hire a Shopify Application Developer who has worked on plenty of Shopify projects, preferably for eCommerce business and in your industry. Look for developers who have amazing reviews and satisfied customers.

Shopify Developers Price

US/Europe: In US/Europe shopify developers tend to cost more with an average of $50-200/hour depending on the level of skill and location.

Asia: In Asia shopify Developers charge around $20-50/hour.


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms containing everything you need or look for your eCommerce store comprehensively. Whenever you experience any Slowness of the Website ,issues with Integration ,concerns related to cost or maintenance and lack of features due to outdated software versions it’s the right time when you should switch your ECommerce Platform.


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