From being the poor cousin of ever evolving retail sector, food and beverages have emerged into an industry with a dominating edge. “Dining out” has become more of a social norm and it has come off a long way from the concept of “Roadside eateries”. Not that they do not exist anymore, but roadside eateries do not actually qualify being identified as “fine dine restaurants”. Lately, the association of fine dining with the swish shopping malls of the city has gained the industry a considerable amount of limelight.

With people becoming increasingly accustomed to experimenting with various cuisines and have developed ‘global palates’, eateries in the shopping malls are attracting large scale of crowd. On the heels of these changes, Food and Beverages in malls are no longer restricted to fast food options, but offering multi-cuisine options under a single roof.

“Today you can’t think of a shopping mall without the options of eateries”, says Mr. Chowdhury while talking about Raj Sammilonee, an upcoming shopping mall in Durgapur. To him, it is going to be the best shopping mall in Durgapur, as it brings in all those ingredients that make shopping malls the perfect dining hotspot in the city. With 200 seater food court, and the options of buffet and fine dining restaurants, Sammilonee malls certainly makes a favourite dining hotspot.

How Food Courts Bring in Footfalls

Good food has an undeniable appeal, especially in a country like India where every occasion, celebration and festivity revolves around food. And, thus shopping malls are getting enough scope to experiment with cuisines and offering visitors a gathering spot to have fun. From exclusive Indian recipes to palatable multicaulisin options, shopping malls are more likely offering an “have-it-all” ambiance to the customers who look for the right mix of food and fun. More than just about serving food, the food courts in mall business have acquired greater responsibility of creating an emotional bond with new age shoppers.

Fine Dining Spot Offers Swish Retreat

Few years back, the concept of fine dining was not popular. Though quite popular in the metro cities, fine dine had a niche segment of patrons in the towns like Durgapur. Most of the restaurants in Benachity (one of Durgapur’s most happening commercial hotspot) were far from being qualified with the label of fine dining. However, with the passage of time, as the mall culture starts to seep in, these ritzy dining arenas are soon becoming the talk of the town. Offering high quality, décor with a slew of palatable delicacies, fine dining restaurants are perfectly a zone of quiet retreat with exclusive delicacies to savour on.

The Takeaway Point

Over the last couple of years, restaurants and eateries are on the rise in the shopping malls India. Many famous eatery chains are choosing shopping malls to open their franchise in the malls to attract footfalls. Food and fun go hand in hand and dining out itself is no less than a form of entertainment.


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