Should You Invest in a Vacation Property at Dooars?

Staying in a quaint cottage near the foothills of Himalayas, or a bungalow in the pristine surrounding of the Murti River, are just a handful of dreams a few have been able to live up to. For Aneek and Riddhima too, this could have been a distant dream unless they came across a real estate property at Dooars.

The wanderers’ souls have always been captivated by the woods and greens. The penchant to explore the unexplored, especially on the Himalayan neighborhood has always brewed their interest. But, accommodation in Dooars has always been a perpetual problem. First of all, staying in a hotel comes with time constraint. Secondly, you have to pay the tariff, even if you are not staying there for an entire day. Considering these factors, the idea of investing in their own property arrived as a boon.

Pros of Owning a Real Estate Property at Dooars

 Recently, there’s been a rapid surge of investment in this sector. With the growing numbers of residential property in the extended region of Dooars, people are taking interest in these. For many people, a real estate property at Dooars is more like a second home amidst the soothing greeneries and mountains. While for the others, it’s becoming a source of potential earning by renting it out.

However, for Aneek and Riddhima, the purpose of buying a second home was completely different. They were looking for a home, where they can stay for as much time as they want without spending unnecessarily on hotel tariffs. Moreover, every time they plan a trip in the Dooars it’s an extended one. Having your own home in Dooars can help you enjoy the trip, without worrying about anything else.

Activities You Can Plan From Your Vacation Home at Dooars

Whether you are planning a weekend trip or an extended getaway, Dooars brings you a bevy of options. If you are smitten by wanderlust like Aneek and Riddhima, a weeklong stay in this place can help you explore the following.

Camping at Rocky Island

Tucked in the quaint nook of Murti River, Rocky Island is a popular camping site. About 2 km away from Samsing, an overnight stay in this place will give you an adrenaline rush. The burbling sound of the river is simply breathtaking. This campsite offers excellent opportunity to explore the interior parts of Neora Valley National sanctuary. Perfect for the adrenaline seekers, Rocky island offers great opportunity to indulge in the adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing & rappelling.

Jungle Safari in the Chapramari Forest

An extended part of the Gorumara forest, Chapramari wildlife sanctuary offers every ingredient of a happening jungle safari. You can check out elephants, spotted deer, barking deer, rhino and gaur (Indian bison) during the safari. This wildlife sanctuary is photographer’s heaven. Offering a huge variety of flora and fauna, Chapramari should be in your travel itinerary if you are in Dooars.

Family trip at Bindu/Jhalong/Jaldhaka

The small picturesque hill village on the Indo- Bhutan border Bindu is a little known tourist destination in lower Kalimpong foothills. But, it’s a great destination for the family getaway. The journey to Bindu via Chalsa-Khunia-Jhalong is a fascinating one as the road passes through the beautiful tea gardens, high forests, river valleys and small quiet villages.

 The Final Takeaway

Having your own home at Dooars arrive with multifarious benefits. First of all, you can do away with the woes that hotel stay often involves, but also it offers an earning potential. Dooars and its extended region allure tourists round the year. Quite obviously, it comprises a significant part of the North Bengal Tourism. Recently, a number of real estate projects are coming up in this region, offering best of comforts and conveniences. From this perspective, investing in the vacation home here will certainly reap profitable returns in the long run.

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