Slant headstone or slant monuments or slanted memorials are short grave markers tablets with a slanted face and like upright tablets must sit on a foundation – usually with a granite base. It can be polished or rock-pitched that you can choose according to your requirement Slant headstone prices may be differ and depends on various parameters.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose from a variety of options available – mainly variations of granite face grave markers and slant face cemetery monuments – available in different states and families, who have lost someone in family. Top of the gravestones can be in various forms like cut straight across to round or in the serpentine shape shown.

Slant headstones prices are not fixed as many variables affect the price of a granite memorial like size of the marker and type of the granite used. Price also depends on quality, size, design and style. However an average price is around $ 800 – $1000. Small garden memorials for home memorialization can begin at $250 to $300. Not to mention upright headstones that may start around $1200.

In order to fulfill your requirement for the best quality slant headstones and to get accurate slant headstone prices, what all you have to do is search for the right agency or company or stay in touch with manufacturers. JerMar Monuments has been offering you affordable Slant headstone prices that will go well your budget. Place your order now and get delivery right to you address.


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