Slow tourism growing after slow food movement, trend of spending more time in one place


Lifestyle Desk. People like to travel to see nature blooming during the monsoon season. Learn how World Tourism Day started. Also, know what is Slow Tourism and Solo Tourism. Slow tourism was introduced in Italy to promote tourism after the Slow Food Movement. In this, it is helpful to keep Relax by staying longer in one place.

What is slow tourism

Tourism not only helps to bring back the moment of happiness in our lives, but it also plays an important role in the social, cultural, political and economic development of any country. In today’s time where the first need of every country is to strengthen the economy, today due to tourism, the economy of many countries revolves around the tourism industry. European countries, coastal African countries, East Asian countries, Canada, Australia, etc.

Are the countries where the income from tourism industry can strengthen the economy of the country. Considering the importance of tourism and the popularity of tourism, the United Nations decided to celebrate World Tourism Day from 1980 to 27 September. The day of 27 September was chosen because the Constitution of the World Tourism Organization was adopted on this day in 1970. The specialty of Tourism Day is that every year, different types of themes are kept on Tourism Day to make people aware of a different way2sms

Let us know slow tourism with this example. Rahul Manikar is a businessman. About a year ago he went on a Europe tour. During the long journey and the rush between here and there during the twenty-day journey, he realized that instead of traveling to many places in the same tour, if you plan to visit one place at a time, you will be relaxed Enjoy that place. Last month he went to Punjab. While staying in this place for about ten days, he said that he enjoyed here more than the Europe tour.

His tour included not only walking but also getting to know about the local things and meeting people nearby. Likes to meet new people: During the tour everyone likes to meet new people, learn new cuisines and ways of catering and travel full of adventure. Usually, people plan to travel to many cities or countries during their tours. But to change this perception, there is a period of slow tourism. This involves stopping and enjoying more time at one place instead of going to many places to visit.


How is it different from other tourism?

The purpose of traveling is definitely to get relief from your daily running life. But if there too continues to be a runaway from one place to another, like the daily routine, then the enjoyment of the journey starts decreasing. According to Anand Kumar, a tourist who loves slow tourism, it is difficult to say how much you will know about the place you are going to visit in a short time. Slow tourism involves staying in one place for a long time and getting to know it. In this way, you not only avoid running around here and there but also get to know about that place in detail.

Chance to know closer

The experience of walking makes you thrilled. Then after staying for a long time in one place, you get to know about the ancient traditions and historical sites associated with that place. The youth traveling alone have started giving importance to this tourism and prefer to stay in one place for more days. They also consider such a journey as a better way to relax and connect with the local residents of that place.

How it started

Slow tourism market has grown by 10% during the last five years. Slow tourism first started in Italy followed by the Slow Food Movement. In fact, there was a man named Carlo Petrini who proposed to sell organic food at a low price to promote organic food so that people can reach quality food and enjoy healthy food. Not only food, but people also get better quality tourism, so slow tourism is becoming very popular among the youth. Also, this culture of tourism is becoming relevant in today’s time.

Outdoor Home fun

Taking a break from your same routine and walking around the same place is also considered a better use of time. For this, instead of paying the expensive rent of the hotel, it can be taken there for a few days with a rented house. In this way, you can enjoy living like home even when you are away from home for less money. You can also cook your own food as per your choice. Slow tourism can also be planned especially when approaching a particular festival. In this way, you can celebrate your festival away from home in a different way than every year. Moviemad

Boost of eco-tourism

The purpose of slow tourism is not only to visit local places but also to get to know eco-friendly products closely. In this way, you can get to know things and nature related to that particular place. Slow tourism is also important for the purpose of promoting cultural and eco-tourism. Traveling less means less production of carbon, so environmental lovers are also giving a lot of boost to such tourism.

The craze of solo tourism also increased

Nowadays, due to lack of time, it is a little difficult to go on a holiday with family or friends for a short time. In such a situation, the craze of solo tourism has also increased. People alone have begun to prefer to roam around the country and the world. A large number of youth working in a multinational company to the private sector are very fond of traveling. They do not want to have any shortage of fulfilling their hobby of traveling. That is why he likes to visit Vidisha as soon as he gets a chance.

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