There are plenty of stunning remodelling ideas for basement construction in London to make the most of your home. Take a look at our top list.

Many homeowners do not realise that there is a space under their home that can be used to make their lives much easier. Thousands of properties in the capital have dark and damp basements that are not being used to their full potential. By using the skills of companies providing basement construction in London you can make the most of this valuable space. Here are some top ideas to give you some inspiration.

Basement construction in London – activity zone

The area under your house is ideal for all sorts of family activities. The obvious option is to turn it into a home gym and save yourself a fortune on gym membership fees and travelling costs. You don’t need a huge amount of equipment to turn it into a useful workout zone.

Your basement is a cool and private room for a workout. After the basic conversion construction work has been completed you can fit it out with wall and even ceiling mirrors, impact-resistant flooring and bright lighting. If your budget allows there are plenty of additional features that you can add. You may want to install an entertainment system to provide workout music or even videos to motivate and instruct you. Some people like to have a TV installed to keep them entertained while they are pumping iron.

If you have a young family, a basement makes an excellent dedicated play space as it keeps the clutter away from the rest of the house. This preserves the lounge and other living areas as a more mature adult zone. A basement room has many advantages over playrooms in other parts of the house. One of the main ones is that it can be easily fitted out with bespoke storage as there are no windows to worry about. Another plus point is that the noise is not transmitted to the rest of the house – an important consideration for your kids become teens and have mates around to play on the games console for hours at full volume.

Basement construction in London – themed conversions

A basement conversion is an ideal blank canvas so why not go for a quirky theme? It is separate enough from the rest of the house to be able to avoid the need to match décor and colour themes so you can let your imagination flow.

Sports bar themes are becoming increasingly popular. They work exceptionally well if you combine traditional woodwork and an open plan design, giving the feel of a relaxing but sophisticated sports bar where you can chill out with your friends. It looks even better if you install some industrial-style lighting and a large mount for a huge TV where you can get a great view of the big match.

Why not go the whole way with some beer and wine racks and a colourful granite bar counter? If there are structural columns, you could hide them inside walls or behind built-in features.

Retro-style is another very popular option and you can have hours of fun trawling charity shops and flea markets for the gear to kit out your new room. If the rest of your house is ultra-modern and minimalist, this could be a fabulous feature. Embrace the absence of windows with layered lighting to give the room a cosy feel. Wood flooring adds character and texture and you could even use artificial stone as a feature wall – 1980s style.

The beauty of the Mediterranean interior style always works well in basements. The rich colours and textures of Spanish interiors look wonderful in the enclosed space of a basement. Combine natural wooden floors with rich red fabrics and leather sofas for a look that is both functional and comfortable. Why not install a cheeky wine rack for the Rioja in the corner for when friends come to admire your new basement conversion.

The lack of windows gives you loads of extra wall space to display mementos of your own travels. This could be in the form of maps, tickets or photographs. Blow up some treasured pictures to cover an entire wall or create a stunning montage of all your favourite snaps.

However you choose to fit out your basement conversion, it will be a functional and stylish addition to your home where you can work, rest and play!


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