A share is a unified unit of capital and indicates the ownership relationship between a shareholder and the company.  There are a number of terms linked to shares. Face value is the denominated value of the share. In financial markets, it is basically a unit used as a real estate investment trusts, limited partnerships as well as mutual funds. An owner of a share in a business organization is often known as the stockholder or the shareholder. Shares are of different types such as the preference shares, equity shares, employee stock option plan shares, bonus shares as well as the right shares.

Equity shares or ordinary shares as they are often referred to are one of the most common types of shares. Equity shares are mostly equal in value and impart rights like dividends as well as voting rights to the shareholders. Such shares are often issued at face values.

Preference shares are preferential in nature. When a company is liquidated at that time the shareholders are paid first after the debts of the creators are settled. Moreover, preferential shareholders hardly have any right to vote.

One of the very first things that are required in order to buy shares and start trading is a Demat account as well as a trading account. Having a Demat account will certainly enable you to store all the shares that you have purchased. The Demat account usually acts as a common repository. The real buying and selling of shares will start once you own a trading account.

While buying a share using your trading account the money is directly transferred from your bank account. This is how the share is directly transferred into your Demat account.

In case you sell a share, the share is then transferred from your Demat account directly into the share market. Your bank account will gain the money that is gained out of the transaction.

There are several principles in the market based on which you get to know the value of shares. The liquidity of a market is one of the major things that you should be considering to know the availability and the price of a share. A share dealing account is an inexpensive and simple way to sell, hold, and buy your investments. Most of the time you don’t need to incur any expense to open the account. Only a dealing commission is necessary every time you trade. In order to open a share dealing account and operate with your investments, you will have to gain adequate knowledge about the very basics of the share market.

With a share dealing account, you can hold onto the cash, securities as well as other holdings. It lets you buy and sell assets according to your requirements whenever you want, all of it within the same dealing session. Holders of a share dealing account are moreover involved in day trading.

The easiest and most convenient option today is to buy stocks online with the help of a stockbroker. Opening an online brokerage account today is similar and hassle-free like opening a bank account. You need to fill a complete application, prove the identification, and choose your way of funding the account. Funding your account by transferring funds electronically or mailing a check. There are some brokers who provide discounts on the basis of the magnitude of trade conducted. Before opening your account you must take all these into considerations. It is not always a wise idea to choose a broker who charges the lowest fees.

Fill the KYC and the share dealing account forms and submit them along with all the necessary documents that serve as evidence of your address and proof.

Wait as the application will be verified and you will then be asked to provide your personal details.

After the processing is complete you will be given a trading account detail.

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