You may be the one who likes your chimney to be the center of attraction of your living room. In fact, whenever you get free time to spend, you like the corner in front of the fireplace. So, the entire surroundings of your fireplace must look elegant. You cannot pile up the logs that make your room look dirty. Or, is there a woodshed located in your premise that is half a mile away from your home?

Well, instead of getting worried about how to fix the wood storing issues, let’s grab some uniquely creative ideas for excellent outcomes.

If you prefer indoor storage:

It is an age-old practice for many households to store wood on the shelves located inside the house. The modern homeowners are making creative storage areas inside the living area.

Safe storing:

It would be best if you took note of the place where you wish to store the firewood. Be careful not to keep it too close to the fireplace as it may lead to ignition because of the loose ember. Because of that, the wood must be placed conveniently in such a way that you can reach the timbers without withdrawing yourself from the pleasant ambiance of the fire.

Classy storage:

The advanced world has come up with thousands of options to make your firewood storage a chic sight. You can use your old washbasin as the wood holder, or, an old bench that you don’t use anymore. You can buy second and items that can be given the shape of a wood container. Paint it. You can do some engraving works on the shelf. Design it according to your taste.

Compact arcade:

You can think of storing all the materials needed to make a fire in one place. Building a shelf where you can store wood, newspaper, matches, fire gloves, etc. helps you to save the space along with getting all the necessary things for kindling in a single place. Do it creatively to make it look good.

If you prefer outdoor storage:

Many of you stock your wood outside your home in a separate place. You have to make sure that the wood remains functional without any wastage. You can get creative with the outdoor storage decoration.

Keep the logs covered:

In order to keep the wood dry, the stacks need to be adequately covered. Invest in buying the right materials that can do the needful like a shed, a storehouse, tarpaulin, etc. A woodshed can protect the pieces of timber from rain, snow, sleet, fog, etc. You can cover the woodpile with a tin roof.

The wood should be kept elevated:

Don’t be lazy enough to place the wood logs directly on the ground. Instead, keep it elevated. Otherwise, the entire pile can attract mold and pests. Also, water from the soil can penetrate into the timber. Even mud can accumulate around the woodpile that can make it difficult for you to pull out the needed logs. You can’t put the mud-laden wood into the fireplace. Hence, the wood will become useless. Buy wood racks, or construct a wood stack elevated from the ground.

Some creative outdoor storage ideas for you:

As you have a more significant place outside, you can be super creative in the matter of storing the firewood. You can use old barrels to generate a storage system. Flip an unused canoe and turn it into a roof for covering the pile. Old pallets can be utilized. For a vintage look, collect stones and pebbles to construct an arch. Under it, you can keep your wood. You can use your stable where your horses or cows used to live once and now is left empty as your wood storing room. Erect a complete room at one corner of your lawn or garden, color it in contrast to the surrounding, and see how the entire appeal becomes exquisite.

For any help, you can call a reputed chimney sweep agency as a noted professional business house not only checks the chimney but also handles the whole scheme that is related to firewood. Whatever you do, keep safety as your first priority. Also, clean the chimney through expert chimney sweep regularly to keep everything subtle.


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