Dining room of our home is mostly the hub of all activities where we spend most of the time with our family. Be it enjoying a meal together, entertaining guests or just relaxing while talking to each other – it is a multi-purpose space. In most Indian homes, the living room and dining room are often merged together. Apart from a durable table or comfortable chair and sofa, the lighting fixture can be the central fixture of your dining space that can set the tone of your space.


A well-lit dining space should have layered lighting which will illuminate the space as well as create a pleasant atmosphere. A mix of ambient, accent and task lighting through wall sconces, table lamps, candles, and chandeliers can do their job of illuminating the room for differing atmospheres and purposes. Choosing the perfect light fixture for your dining or living room may depend on the shape and size of your table, the number of lumens or watts you may need to set the right mood, the various activities that take place in the room and so on.

There are plenty of options when it comes to indoor LED lighting. Here are some bright ideas to jazz up your dining/living room:

  1. Create a focal point:

In the dining space, the table needs the most attention in terms of lighting. Chandeliers bring sophistication into your dining space and create even light distributions over the table that easily connect the people sitting below it. Place a light fixture that relates to the table in terms of size, shape and style. Crystal chandeliers, wrought-iron chandeliers with candelabra or pendant lights add elegance as well as create a focal point. You can also have pendant lights or oversized statement lights that will be treated as a piece of furniture as well as a source of illumination.

  1. Hang them up:

You can do a lot by hanging lights in your dining area. Playing with the scale is a fun way to ensure a coherent look. Place the light fixtures in unexpected scales for a truly remarkable lighting statement. If you have matching fixtures, take them up or down a notch for a bold yet soothing illumination. If you have an open kitchen, use fixtures of different sizes. You can use bigger ones over the dining table and smaller ones as task lighting in the kitchen. The lower lights will accentuate intimacy while the higher lights will give the room a brighter feel.

  1. Light up walls:

Wall sconces can be installed on one side or both sides of the wall or over the seating area for a soft, indirect flattering light. While chandelier or pendant lights are the light sources fixed above, wall scones can be the major light source from below and thus can complement them setting an elegant tone. Wall scones used as accent lighting, add depth to the wall and create an intimate dining setting by nicely illuminating the edges of the room. You can also perk up the sideboards attached to the wall with chic table lamps.

  1. Add your own style:

A little bit of personal touch and preference while lighting up your dining space can give you the ultimate satisfaction. Domestic LED lighting in India has come a long way and there is enough scope for experiment. If you want to add a cosier feel to your dining space, LED candles can be the ultimate feel-good light source. You can install a dimmer switch to your chandelier or add layers of light from the ceiling to floor. If neutral colours suit your style, opt for pendant lights of metal shades like copper or brass that will tone beautifully with wooden furniture and also add class to your space.




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