Usually, people think that decorating a coffee table is an easy task. However, many feel it an intimidating task. When the discussion is on styling a coffee table, please note that it is kind of art. We all know that coffee tables have their own prominent place in our living rooms. The main focus is on making your room look bright and presentable. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the set-up makes the room attractive but at the same time, it doesn’t disrupt the harmony of the space.

If you want to learn about the tricks of how to style your coffee table then we have something interesting for you. Whatever you do, ensure that your stylish coffee table remains at the focal point. Of course, there’s no point in spending hundreds to get a look you would love to see. Here are the tricks for your ready reference which you can try in your home just like my friend did. A few months ago a friend of mine who bought a luxury flat near the airport was seeking ideas to style her coffee table. She wanted to make her living room all the more beautiful.

Stack Up The Books

I hope, you have heard about coffee table books. Did you know that stacked spines can create a perfect dimension on your flat tables? Especially when your table is topped with appealing objects, flowers or trays. Whether there are several stacks smartly placed or just one pile rightly placed, make sure that there is proper colour coordination in whatever you do. Gather as many books you can, having different shades of colour. Combining books as per the colour schemes will not just offer a clean look but offer an eclectic vibe as well.

Remember that a stepped arrangement of books that too in descending order would look amazingly beautiful. This set-up will offer a fresh feel to your home.

Focus Only On Greens

To offer an organic and clean feel to your room adorn your coffee table with plants. Take the top view of the plants that are grouped together on an over-sized coffee table or a terrarium/a singular plant placed on a smaller table. Then, you can get the perfect look.

Opt for air plants, succulents and cacti to design your coffee table. Now, the trick is to choose the one that would survive on the coffee table. This means the one that can thrive in low light.

Keep the Look Simple

Did you know that the hardest designer trick towards perfection is none other than ‘self-control’? In order to get the best look, you do not require covering up every inch of your room with knickknacks. In its place, all you can do is highlight a few choice pieces – an interesting sculpture, vases with fresh blooms and so on.  Whatever you do make sure the coffee table offers a bolder style statement. However, if you find the coffee table has a style of its own, which means ‘a work of art’ then absolutely go for nothing on its top.

Hope, you like the above-mentioned tricks to style your coffee-table in 5 minutes. The friend of mine who has a luxury 2 BHK flat near Nagerbazar thoroughly enjoyed the tricks which I have shared with her. Awaiting your feedback as well!


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