A clinical mindset paired with a proper understanding of DME billing can revolutionise your ability to treat patients and how you are reimbursed. After all, being a DME provider or Doctor of Physical Therapy entails running a business. And so the first step towards fixing your DME billing and the mounting issue of rising costs in the healthcare system lies in getting the basics right: being accurate.

Managing and ensuring a seamless DME billing requires a lot of effort and hard work. In fact, your staff should be checking patient information and coding against every submitted claim to make sure that they’re correct. For example, you might not get paid because a code has changed – someone on your staff might forget to update your billing software. Another area you can address is making sure your documentation is comprehensive. For example, your physician orders, your curve of service, and your patient notes should be accurate. Also, be sure to check insurance prior to providing the equipment, as this prevents future rejections, and ensures you are only performing on patients that have a coverage code. Good communication to the insurance payor can also help resolve issues quickly. An electronic health record (EHR) can also help, as it tracks the entire process, from prior authorization to claim and reimbursement. So with all these confusion, to get a better reimbursement for a DME provider should ensure train staff on billing regulations and compliance every year so that everyone is aware of the latest developments. And today with so much to remember and uncertainty with codes, regulations, documents and more; it is best to have an operational extension support in your DME billing.

Sunknowledge: Your DME Billing way Out :

Implementing these best practices and strategies, Sunknowledge can improve billing processes, reduce errors and improve reimbursement, in turn increasing their stability and efficiency. Taking care of both your pre and post billing requirements; the expert team further is known for improving ROI for many leading names in the industry all across the US. Keeping up with constant changing regulations, CPT and ICD code changes etc; Sunknowledge with its experienced and knowledgeable coding staff guarantees efficient and effective billing processes. In short, partnering with Sunknowledge can go a long way in helping your bottom line.

So, if you are worried about complex documentation, doctor’s office follow up, DME prior auth requirement etc; Sunknowledge is the one stop destination for all DME billing problems. Partner with Sunknowledge and see how the expert can make a difference in one week’s time.

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