Choose products in your fresh fruit delivery service from PiktFresh that will help to boost your immune system.

We all know that fresh fruit is an important part of any balanced diet, by supporting the immune system being just one way in which fruit can keep you healthy. It is not always easy to make time for your five a day when you have a busy schedule, which is where Pikt Fresh’s fresh fruit delivery service will help.

Fruit and the immune system

Fruit is full of nutrients that provide essential services to the human body. Some of these nutrients are particularly good at strengthening the immune system and therefore help you to fight disease. Vitamin C from citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons has long been touted as a defence against the common cold, but this is far from the only nutrient that citrus can provide. Scientific research suggests vitamin C can do everything from easing inflammation to reducing the risk of developing many other conditions.

Another fruit that can be good for the immune system is the cranberry, which helps to prevent and fight infection; meanwhile, flavonoids and antioxidants from blueberries can boost the immune system. These are just a few examples of how fresh fruit can benefit the immune system and should therefore be a regular part of your diet. If you are wondering how you can easily procure these fruits, why not take a look at a Fruitist box from PiktFresh?

Fresh fruit boxes

Pikt Fresh can supply boxes of fruit and/or veg to your home or work on a regular basis. The Fruitist is our fruit box that provides all the fruit you could need in a single week. Use it when cooking or baking, or just grab an apple instead of a chocolate bar when you fancy a snack. You have complete control, with the ability to add and remove items depending on your needs. If you are an employer, you can keep your entire workforce healthy and well-fed. Our boxes can also be useful if you are hosting a party or other event.

All our fruit is organic and ethically sourced, with growers paid a fair price for their product. This is why our prices can sometimes vary. We also do everything we can to be environmentally friendly. Our packaging is designed to be reusable or recyclable whenever this is feasible – there is no plastic in the Fruitist box – and we even provide the option to offset your carbon footprint when you make an order.

Now that you know how important fresh fruit is to your immune system, you will appreciate that PiktFresh’s fruit box delivery service is the ideal way to keep you supplied with the fruit you need without having to go out of your way. All you need to do is make the order and let us do the work. You can simply enjoy eating your fresh fruit safe in the knowledge that it has been ethically sourced.


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