It is that special occasion of the year where you can leave a glorious mark on your loved one’s heart by presenting the person a big surprise gift- A private registration number plate.

It’s easy. Search online. Order it and get the documentation. There is no need to fill in complicated forms, no endless legal paperwork, no running to court, etc.

You will get some highly accredited plate suppliers who have a state-of-the-art facility for search which makes it super easy for the clients to search. They have an extensive stock of personalized number plates that make it smooth for you to get the unique one. You can ask DVLA for a personalized combo of numbers and letters too.

If you find it confusing to decide the ideal number plate for your loved one, you can take the guidance of the experts who work in these organizations. They will arrange for the delivery of the order on time. They will help you even after the purchase. They will be with you starting from choosing the number plate, completing the documentation, and attaching the plate to the vehicle. You won’t fall in any kind of insecure or embarrassing position.

You can get a personalized number plate according to your budget. There is no hidden charge added.

A unique number of plates can be an exciting gift for your near ones. Many people prefer personalized or cherished number plates as Christmas gifts and other memorable occasions.

The common queries that arise:

Can a private number plate be purchased as a gift?

Yes. The registration number suppliers can deliver the registrations on the certificate of entitlement that is valid for long ten years. It means that you don’t have to assign the particular number plate directly to a car.

If we don’t have a motorized vehicle, is the DVLA transfer fee payable?

Yes, it is payable. When you arrive for assigning the registration later, the transfer fee is already paid and you don’t have to spend anything again.

If anyone pays for the completely managed transfer service, does it indicate that the registration is transferred instantly?

No, the transfer fee is valid for the registration’s lifetime. When you are okay to assign the number plate, you have to follow the instructions that you will get via email. Your registration will be transferred within a week or 7 working days.

What information do you need for purchasing a registration number as a gift?

The only information required is the vehicle owner’s name or the registered keeper’s name. This information should be entered during the process of checkout under the field of nominee name.

Can a number plate be reserved?

You have to clear the full payment if you want to reserve the registration. The reputed dealers have teamed up with the highly acclaimed financial agencies to help the budget and offer the clients competitive finance packages. The buyer can select finance as the method of payment during the checkout process.

Can the transfer be transferred on any specific day as per the demand?

If a client purchases the completely managed transfer and has a permit to the logbook, the transfer can be completed on a specific day. But, it is not guaranteed through the dealer try with complete dedication to sending the transfer. The process becomes a bit easier if the vehicle is taxed and MOT’d. You have to state the exact day on which the transfer should take place. Do this while sending the logbook.

Will I get any sets of number plates?

The dealers send a set of private number plates to the clients which are selected while buying as a gift. You have the right to select a set of number plates while proceeding through the checkout.

Consider your budget before deciding to buy a private number plate. The most unique and rarest number plates can be sold for thousands of pounds. If you don’t want a fussy combination, you can get one at a much lower price.

In case you want a very rare combination, you will get one at auctions. In auctions, the price fluctuates more. You have to set your budget in a careful manner.


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