What can a free image processing tool on the Internet do – example DesignCap

Social media thrives on good pictures and videos. We in tourism are very fortunate to have a very photogenic product. Places where people like to go on vacation, travel experiences, and good service, are perfect for (natural) staging in social networks. No wonder that a very image-heavy system. Instagram is so important for hotels.

In addition to a suitable motif, you also need photography technology and a minimum image processing for a successful post or an optimal profile picture. After introducing practical tools in the third article in the series on social media in tourism, here is a detailed test of the online image processing Designcap.

At that time, I designed a new cover photo for the YouTube channel. My conclusion at the time was:

If it has to be good, see a graphic designer.

The challenge: a new header image for the Facebook page

The Facebook page previously featured a simple photo in the header.

Head picture of the Facebook page beforehand.

Recognition should be achieved with it. The picture looks meaningful but not very professional. So it’s time to freshen up, but keep the lines of the design.

What can DesignCap do?

DesignCap is an amazing and super simple graphic design tool, perfect for creating all kinds of posters, infographics, publications, logos, and much more.


Some of its main features: easy to use and user-friendly platform. A wide variety of graphic design templates. A vast library of stock photos, illustrations, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds.


Inside, you can create various types of graphic documents starting from pre-established templates such as:


Marketing and Events






Facebook Ads




Business cards

The program includes over 1,000,000 high resolution photos and 220,000+ delicate and editable illustrations. Over 100 fonts, clipart images, shapes, and background resources. A wide range of graphic design templates to design social media graphics, posters, infographics, and more in no time.

DesignCap offers many editing tools for your customization needs, such as applying effects, cropping, and managing layers. Touch up your graphic design until you are satisfied.

Speed up your creative process to make stunning graphic designs for your business, event, social media, and more.

Thanks to the massive data bandwidths, this is now faster and more convenient than you might think. The operation is simple and self-explanatory. Tip: the language setting in German is hidden in the footer or, when logged in, in the profile at the bottom left.

How does DesignCap work?

This beautiful tool starts from the assumption of being easy and fast to use and therefore to be operational with it it is sufficient to perform three steps:

  • Choose:the template among the thousands available
  • Customize: To maximize your document using all the tools and graphics available, Customize your design with simple yet powerful editing tools.
  • Export:your computer’s work in the most popular formats or save everything (and share) directly online on the main social networks.

The export can take place for free on your computer in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

The price model is freemium, which means that the basic version “FREE” can be used free of charge. A paid subscription is required for more templates, more pictures in memory, and other picture formats than .jpg.

A pricing model in three levels Free, Basic, Plus (https://www.designcap.com/pricing.html)

The biggest plus is the many templates that are available in Designcap. You choose the desired category (poster, business card, flyer, etc.) and find a variety of suggestions. The optimal image sizes are also already created for social networks, e.g., for a Facebook post or a YouTube channel image. It is essential to keep in mind that a format is not always output that way. The images on social platforms are also displayed on different output devices and thus tailored differently, whether you want to or not. From my experiment four years ago, I know that the YouTube channel image, in particular, has an immense range between output on TV screens and smartphones, as this editing template shows.

Mask for the format versions of a YouTube channel header

1.Select template

I scour the templates for Facebook page covers. There are different styles, with and without photos, with and without text.

Selection of templates for cover images for Facebook pages (screenshot DesignCap)

I choose the Accounting Services template.

Select and edit the template


The processing options are sufficiently available

  • Add elements such as graphic shapes
  • Use photos from an extensive archive (depending on the account type)
  • Insert texts
  • Change backgrounds
  • Upload your own pictures

I use the image upload and swap the image with the calculator for my own critical visual. I can scale the image and move it into the template more appropriately than would have been the case with a simple upload directly to Facebook. I had actually hoped that the gray, semi-transparent layer would be part of the template, but it also disappeared when the original image was deleted. What remains is the white hatching at the bottom of the picture, which makes my photo at least a bit more interesting and gives it a touch of design.

Put your photo in the template


The last thing I do is download the image from DesignCap and then upload it to Facebook.


Result: redesigned header image on Facebook

I am happy. The motif is now better aligned and looks more attractive than before in the tension between the old-school motif and the hatching. The time required for this was minimal. If you know what you want, the project can be completed in fifteen minutes.

Who needs a graphic designer?

Of course, I would like to use the same modified motif in my other channels, i.e., as a YouTube channel and Twitter header. So I’m looking for the same Accounting Services template in the corresponding templates. Nothing. No hit. Even the original Facebook cover template doesn’t appear in the search. Even my search for the motif in various template categories remains without result.

Designcap Search for template unsuccessful

So I would have to adapt the template I created, especially for Facebook, to the other networks’ format requirements. And graphic artist skills are promptly required again, which this tool should take away from me. It’s a shame, so I can’t implement a consistent design line for my media with this tool after all.

On the otherwise comparable design website Fotor.com, when I search for “Accounting,” I immediately find the same motif prepared as an icon, logo, Facebook and YouTube channel cover, and LinkedIn background. An advantage.

The online program is highly recommended and even if it should not be compared to the most famous and noble commercial software versions. Because they are reserved for real professionals, it performs well in everyday life. For the average user, this tool is highly recommended for all those who do not want to rely on much more expensive solutions.


For a quick design on any topic, DesignCap is very easy to use the tool. The many templates and image motifs make it easier to find a suitable motif for every occasion. The possibilities are not sufficient for complete design projects based on requirements similar to corporate design. Just in case, all that remains is to go to the graphic designer.


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