Trucks are a major part of our economy. Commercial trucks transport goods to remote locations in addition to other areas. Various types of trucks including 18-wheelers, semis, etc. ply on the road every day. That being said, truck accidents have turned out to be quite common nowadays.

Truck accidents cost a number of lives every year. Numerous truck accidents occur worldwide owing to a variety of reasons. Truck accidents can be caused due to speeding, driver fatigue, improper road and weather conditions, and so on. Since the size and weight of 18-wheelers are larger than other vehicles, the impact of the collisions is quite catastrophic.

Various types of expenses are involved in truck accidents. While some may be direct costs, some do not surface immediately. Let’s take a look at the costs associated with truck accidents.

1. Damage to Cargo and Vehicle

This is a direct cost of truck accidents. When a truck collides with other vehicles on the road or is involved in a jackknife accident, it may result in severe damage to the truck. Therefore, fleet managers have to bear the cost of repair and maintenance of the truck.

In certain cases, fleet managers may need to replace the truck altogether, thus increasing the cost. Additionally, cargo may spill into the road, thus rendering them damaged. Depending on the cargo that was being transported during the accident, the cost may vary.

2. Repairs to the Roadway

Numerous truck accidents are caused due to speeding, running the red light, improper road conditions, and so on. When an accident occurs, these accidents may cause more damage to the road. For example, roads can be broken, lamp posts may be damaged railings can get crushed, etc. Repairing these may cost a large sum of money.

Apart from these, cargo, damaged vehicles, etc. may be scattered on the road, making it difficult for other vehicles and pedestrians to use the road. Therefore, the cleanup of the road is necessary after a truck accident. These procedures hold up traffic and increase the commuting time for people. This may turn out to be a major problem if the accident occurs on a major highway and the road needs to be shut down for some time due to clean up and repair purposes.

3. Medical Expenses

Truck accident victims may sustain severe injuries. Some of these may include brain, rib, spinal cord, and neck injuries. In other cases, injuries may also include broken bones, major lacerations, sprains in the wrists, fingers, toes and other joints. Some of the injuries may not manifest immediately but may turn out to be fatal at a later stage.

If the truck driver is at fault, truck companies are required to bear the costs of the injuries sustained by the victims. Victims in Houston should contact Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyers to recover the compensation they deserve.

4. Cost for Hiring and Training Replacement Workers

Fleet managers may require hiring replacement drivers after a truck accident. Therefore, they would need to invest time and money into the acquisition process. In addition to that, managers would require spending resources for training the new drivers on the various rules and regulations that they should follow.

5. Lost Sales

A truck accident is usually associated with a major loss of revenue for truck companies. For example, damage or loss of cargo could mean lost sales. As a result, clients may not be willing to continue business with the truck company. This can cost a lot of money for the truck company.

6. Loss of Work

As already discussed, various kinds of injuries occur due to truck accidents. A number of factors need to be considered after a truck accident. For example, truck accidents may result in injuries that may restrict victims from returning to work. Few things that need to be taken into consideration include the following:

  • The number of people injured in the accident
  • Whether the accident will affect the victim’s ability to go to work
  • The number of people dependent on the victim

If the accident was caused due to driver negligence, the truck company would be required to pay compensation for the same.

Apart from these, other costs involving truck accidents may include towing costs, costs of storage of damaged vehicles, various administrative costs, costs involving loss of personal property, legal costs, and so on.


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