Toddlers will enjoy a sailing vacation

Young children and toddlers, believe it or not, are welcome on family sailing vacations. My first concern was for Peanut’s wellbeing, and whether it would be nearly impossible to prevent him from going too far. All yachts for young families, on the other hand, will be equipped with child safety equipment, such as a child safety net around the boat, a child lifejacket, and harnesses that allow car seats and boosters to be strapped into the cockpit. Sailing conditions are also critical, which is why choosing a destination like Croatia or Greece with light winds and calm seas will make all the difference.

Adults should unwind with confidence

You’re probably wondering how on earth you can have a truly relaxing family sailing vacation on a yacht like France yacht charter when you have to constantly keep an eye on your children. That’s the beauty of it, since you can even hire a nanny to help out. Seamaster Yacht Charters offers Family Packages that are customized to each family’s specific needs during the trip – whether it’s babysitting at night for a romantic dinner on shore or during the day for some R&R, the package is fully customizable.

It’s not as expensive as you might think

The idea of getting your own private yacht charter for a week with a skipper may make you nervous, but a family sailing vacation isn’t as expensive as you might think. A week with a skipper costs about the same as a week in a four- to five-star hotel for a family of four – if not somewhat less, depending on which hotel you choose (I checked). Even though you’ll have to budget for tickets, food, fuel, and a few extras, the reality remains that you’ll be having your own private sailing villa that will take you to places you wouldn’t be able to visit on land.


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