Do you know that wedding favor are gifts given to the bride and groom at their wedding? Olive oil wedding favors means blessing the couple with great success and well-being. Olive oil in a small bottle of 1oz (30ml), 2oz (60ml) is represented eloquently, doing it a perfect wedding favor. It comes with a certain quantity in a package, customized according to the theme and colors.

DIY olive oil wedding favors

You can add some required materials like Scissor, olive oil, small glass swing-top bottles, linen fabric, ribbons, paper, and paper cut herb sprig. The procedure is effortless. First, pour oil into the glass swing-top bottle, put linen fabric on top of the bottle, tie with ribbon, write your message on the paper, and stick it on the bottle with the form cut herb sprig.

Different flavors of olive oil wedding favors 

Arbequina EVOO

Robust EVOO

Rosemary Olive Oil

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil

Oregano Olive Oil

Fresh Harvest Garlic Olive Oil

Fresh Basil Olive Oil

Garlic Herb Olive Oil

Vanilla Olive Oil

Lavender Olive Oil

Butter Olive Oil

Habanero Olive Oil

Citrus Habanero Olive Oil

Thai Chili Olive Oil

Blood Orange Olive Oil

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Lime Olive Oil

Traditional Balsamic

White Balsamic

Rosato Balsamic

Cranberry Balsamic

Blueberry Balsamic

Black Currant Balsamic

Dark Raspberry Balsamic

White Raspberry Balsamic

Fig Balsamic

Pomegranate Balsamic

Pineapple Balsamic

Lemon Balsamic

Peach Balsamic

Apricot Balsamic

Dark Cherry Balsamic

Garlic Balsamic

Vanilla Balsamic

Hickory Smoke Balsamic

Espresso Balsamic


An olive oil wedding favor can be easily made at home and affordable at an economical price, making it a great wedding favor. You can purchase it online as it is available on some websites.


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