The issue is, until recently, wireless earbuds were not exactly wire-free. That is because, despite packaging Bluetooth for a wireless connection to your device, both earpieces still had to be tethered, which often means an annoying cable left dangling from your neck.

Now all that is changed. The trend didn’t begin with Apple, but the prevalence of its wireless AirPods means more producers have started freeing their buds of wires altogether. That is not to mention that the headphone jack haphazardly evaporating from high-end smartphones.

Sure, a few wireless earbuds are still slightly chunky and first-gen, and for the adequate sound you will need to invest #100+, so there’s room for improvement, but there is still a lot to enjoy here. We have put a whole slew of these to the test to discover which function the best for everyday use.

What are the most effective wireless earbuds in 2020?

It is leapfrogged the rest of the contest with the AirPods Guru (#249). Our newest finest wireless earbuds manage music as well as podcasts using a subtler design and competent sound canceling.

They are the best wireless earbuds for runners as a result of their balanced and vigorous sound, secure fit, resistance to perspiration, and quick top-up charging.

Apple AirPods 

Despite being allegedly the most popular headphones in the world, we had lots of snark to throw in the AirPods two: the naff over-signaling layout, the fact they were earphones rather than earbuds, an insecure match which makes them not perfect as gym friends, that tap-based UI being unreliable and, eventually (but most importantly), there wasn’t any noise canceling.

Well, it does not happen frequently, but Apple has joyously fixed each one of those problems with the AirPods Guru (#249). You get a much better, subtler design. A move to an earbuds form factor means that they remain wedged in your lugholes while on running machines as well as doing burpees. The tap UI has been binned in favor of a squeeze command on each stem, and it’s a lot more direct and ensured. Then there’s the star quality of the new Experts: sound canceling.

Yes, see Sony, here comes the honestly much better looking new AirPods and they have really competent NC, also. The AirPods Experts use two mics to eliminate background noise. An outward-facing you to detect external noise, while a second inward-facing mic listens toward the ear while the noise cancellation software adapts the noise 200 times per second. Bonus: there’s not any sign of hiss or complain, either.

The transparency mode, where you dial out the noise cancellation to filter in noises from the external world, is less powerful but still perfectly serviceable.

Sound-wise, the Pros are extremely good indeed. Apple’s elastic EQ automatically tunes the low- and mid-frequencies into the shape of your ear, while the sound is driven by a high-dynamic-range amp and high-excursion, low-distortion speaker driver which delivers bass down to 20Hz. Music lovers will be pleased. Podcasts and spoken-word devotees, both so.

Finally, there’s an ear tip fit evaluation, to be certain you’re using the proper size of silicone tips or if they’re seated properly. Yep, though not ideal, there’s admittedly very small to pull the AirPods Guru upward on.


StealthBeats EarBuds

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