Facial Paralysis is commonly a side effect caused by the birthing process and is the most difficult or caused by medical malpractices. The symptom of facial Paralysis is caused immediately and is the noticeable first symptom. And the cause is cured within thirty days without any consultation or medical intervention. Few patients get recovered within months, but still, few can’t be cured ever.


When the facial nerves are compressed, the condition of facial Paralysis happens, or the Parotid removal also arises. While the baby is being born, or while he or she is still inside of the womb, usually facial Paralysis can happen. Due to pressure applied to the baby’s face during birth or the labor process, facial Paralysis can occur, and it is right in many cases.

Side Effects

With the increase in the possibility of suffering, facial Paralysis’s condition tends to cut facial nerve. There exist some certain risk factors as well. It is necessary to be aware of all risk factors to decrease their possibility, and some conditions like facial Paralysis can be a side effect of a birthing trauma.

The possibility of facial paralysis increases while you fail to identify the exact risk and other types of birth injuries. Common risk factors include drugs used to induce labor, prolonged labor or pregnancy, epidural anesthesia. Sometimes it is indispensable to consult the surgeon in case the symptoms look like increasing day by day.

Thus, it is essential to be aware of all the risks and treatments for facial paralysis.


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