If you have gone through the Parotid tumor surgery, then you must take proper care and medication as provided by your physician. You may also take some additional care in order to quick recovery and to reduce the chances of infection or any side-effects. The recoveries of Parotid surgery are always prompt and rapid. The Parotid surgery is done to treat your Parotid tumor, and after the surgery, a formal dressing will be presented to you. After Parotid surgery, you may require extra care as it might be painful, and you may feel tired very easily.

Parotid tumor surgery and aftercare tips:

Parotid tumors are not very common; you may require extra care, and it also may lead to surgery in case of the infectious Parotid tumor. But if you have gone through the Parotid tumor surgery then on the first day after the surgery firstly the drain tube will be removed. The second day of the surgery is all about parotid dressing removal. After the removal of the parotid dressing the area of surgery must be open so that air could pass which lead to a quick recovery.

Your physician may recommend you with some antibiotic ointment that should be applied for quick recovery and to avoid infection. After five to seven day of your surgery, the sutures that were put must be removed by cutting and pulling. You may take proper rest and must avoid any heavy or tiring work. You must also avoid smoking as it reduces the recovery time of your Parotid surgery.


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