Many things that will appear in your mind when you heard the word Disco Ball. Typically depending upon your age, your concept may be various than someone 10 or 20 years younger than you. We have all seen them hanging around however just what is a disco ball?

A disco ball is a round object covered in small square mirror pieces that are utilized to produce an intricate screen of light reflection. Using hundreds or countless similar-sized mirror facets, it is suspended from the ceiling and spins via an external motor.

One of the very first disco balls appeared in a Boston ballroom in 1897 (cited from Wikipedia). Soon after in the 1920’s dance period, disco balls (often referred to as mirror balls or glitter balls) were kept in mind to be seen in a wide array of facilities, primarily “underground” dance houses. Some time passed and the disco ball trend seemed to have actually faded out. After which they made a viable reappearance in the late 1960s, heavily in the disco age of the 1970s, and also in the 1980s.

Ever since disco balls can be found in various areas consisting of dance clubs, weddings, skating rinks, family entertainment centers, and more. The emergence of this more than 100 year of age fascination with mirrors and lights is on the rise.

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