The introduction of blood orange olive oil in the food market is unique and selling well. This oil is recognized as award winner oil. The oil is produced by crushing the whole fresh blood orange with olive at the same time. The fusion of blood orange peels with the olive oils creates a very natural and pure flavor to it. The addition of this oil to any dish provides the flavor of tangy blood oranges and gives little benefits of raspberry and spices. This is useful for cooking as well as for baking. It can work as a substitute if you don’t have butter. It is used as a dip for crusty pieces of bread, fresh salads, pasta, rice, vegetables, and sauces. While cooking a non-vegetarian dish, the use of blood orange oil to marinate the recipes creates the best taste. This oil is available online with a minimum price of $15 for 250 ml, $22 for 500ml. It contains 0% cholesterol, proteins, carbohydrates, sodium. It permits one tablespoon or 15 ml per serving or 120 calories per serving. This oil can be used for one year or 18 months of its manufacturing date for the best quality result. By using this oil, one can make many recipes like cranberry orange loaf cake, peach tomato salad, blood orange tart, butter to olive oil conversion chart, orange spice pumpkin bread, etc. This oil takes care of its freshness, healthy and nutritional facts as it is balanced with extra virgin olive oil. This oil you can purchase online as many websites are availing it in an affordable range.


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