These Questions You Need to Ask About Advanced Cancer

Communication is one of the most important non-medical treatments for every cancer patient. It helps people fight cancer naturally, or at least win the psychological battle of the war with the disease. When people learn that they are suffering from advanced cancer of any kind, they are called to learn more about their condition and the steps they need to take.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed only recently, or the normal treatment isn’t working, you’re required to ask certain set of questions from your doctor regarding your future. It has been observed that patients asking clear questions from their doctors have improved their quality of life more than those who don’t.

You need to hope for the best by being acknowledged of your choices. The more informed you are, the better in a position you’ll be in making intelligent, patient decisions for your life.

Questions pertaining cancer

What advanced cancer means for my case? What is my life expectancy after my advanced cancer? Are there any tests that I need to do to better understand my condition?

Questions related to treatment options

What’s the goal of the treatment? What are the best alternates if the foremost treatment doesn’t work out? Which treatment options do you suggest? Will the treatment plan restrain the pace of cancer, alleviate side effects, or both? Would a clinical trial be helpful in my case? What kind of healthcare will I get if I decide to quit the standard treatments of cancer?

Questions related to symptoms and side effects

What are the likelihood and most possible side effects of this treatment plan? How can I best handle the side effects? Will you recommend me to a palliative care specialist to help me alleviate the side effects?

Questions related to moving from cancer treatment to hospice care

How will I know or decide whether to continue or discontinue the planned treatment? When can I consider acquiring hospice care? How can I ensure that I am relaxed and free of pain with a better quality of life? Can I have the freedom to acquire hospice care at home, or do I need to attend an institution? How can I acquire assistance for expenses and legal considerations for hospice care and will making? How can I improve my emotional and spiritual wellbeing?


The above set of questions prove to be a great help in easing an already difficult journey of a patient, especially for people suffering from advanced or last-stage cancer. Be clear and vocal with your concerns, emotions, and requirements, with your healthcare team.

These questions are often considered as vital elements to fight cancer naturally, and you need to involve your loved ones as well to kick out cancer.

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