There are many good engineering colleges in West Bengal where students can seek admission for a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and from there on embark on their professional careers. However, in order to ensure that you are in a safe space and in company of the right kind of people, you must consider a few important things before enrolling into an engineering college in West Bengal.

I have put together this list after having spent a considerable amount of time searching for the best engineering college for my daughter and having dealt with the many issues that she had to deal with as an engineering student in West Bengal.


There are many good engineering colleges in West Bengal that students can seek admission into. However, it is extremely important to seek admission into an engineering college that is closest to your place of residence or is well connected via different modes of transport, especially the local trains, so the students have no issues commuting to and fro. Although most people usually think of Kolkata when talking about West Bengal, you must know that there are some excellent engineering colleges in places like Durgapur, known as the ‘steel city’, which is very well connected with other neighbouring states.


NSHM, the top engineering college in Durgapur, is highly appreciated for its hands-on approach and the many practical sessions that it gives the students exposure to. Qualified and experienced faculties are pillars of a good educational institute. For an engineering college, faculties must guide students through various hands-on experience by attending seminars, lab -work, field visits, and project work. Faculties must be very cooperative and communicative with the students.

Political scenario: 

It is very important to ensure that the area the engineering college you have selected in is, does not report frequent acts of political violence. Not just the area the college is in, you should also try to ensure that the college itself is not too much into these political activities which can drastically hamper the classes. From my experience, I can say that the top engineering colleges in Durgapur are quite strict in this regard and no distractions in the form of political rallies etc. are allowed in the campus that often.

Water Quality: 

At times, students cannot acclimatize to the weather conditions of a place and keep falling sick. However, over time, people usually get used to the weather and start living comfortably. However, if the water quality of an area is not good, it may continue to create health issues for the students. As such, before finalizing an engineering college in West Bengal it is very important to ensure that the hostel as well as neighbouring areas has proper supply of clean and soft water. However, if there is no choice but to seek enrolment in a college where such issues persist, make sure that you make your own arrangements beforehand.


The curriculum followed in most engineering colleges is quite the same, but the difference lies in the pedagogy. You must ask for feedback regarding the pedagogy followed in the college from senior students and even ex-students. This will help you understand whether the students are given enough freedom to be creative and explore different concepts, both of which are essential to the overall development of the engineering students.

Campus placement & internship facilities:

Proper placement or internship opportunities are among the primary concerns that come to mind for students as well as their families. Keeping this factor in mind, it is of utmost importance that the college you choose has a dedicated placement cell that keep in touch with good companies. They must visit the college/university to provide employment opportunities. Internship opportunities are a great way of learning as it bridges the gap between academic knowledge and industry experience.

Hostel facility:

Some reputed engineering colleges have hostel facilities where outstation students can stay and learn in peace. Hostels within the campus or close proximity save a lot of travel time for students. NSHM is one of the top engineering colleges in Durgapur that provides clean, well sanitised cost-effective accommodations where students can learn in peace and get acclimated with people from different cultures & backgrounds.

Anti-ragging & policies: 

In engineering colleges, ragging is often a major issue that students have to deal with and it is as such extremely important to ensure that the college has strict rules and regulations regarding ragging. There should ideally be an anti-ragging cell as well as strict vigilance all around to ensure safety of the students.

If you can objectively look into these aspects you can always find the best engineering college for your ward or relative in West Bengal.



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