Toddlers Pool: A Luxury Element in Your Premium Residence

Have you ever wondered what makes your premium residence a luxurious haven? For most of us, it’s the presence of plush amenities like air-conditioned gym, clubhouse, or smart home automation features. But, we often forget about having a kids’ friendly ambiance.  And, simply  having  a  dedicated play area  does not suffice  the  need, says  Akansha  Tripathi,  the owner of a luxury residential apartment  in Bonhooghly.

While quoting her review about her newly owned flat, she specifically mentioned that her residence has all the features to uplift the living experience of the residents, and one of them is definitely the toddler’s pool.  A mother of a 1 year old child, Akansha found it really amazing. And, why not? Splashing around and gliding through water offer a host of benefits to the infants. Surprising it may sound, when it’s about carrying a toddler to the pool. But, you would love to get your baby into swimming after knowing the benefits it offers. This is why premium addresses across the city are coming up with infant or toddler’s pool.

Water Gliding Improves Cognitive Functioning

A toddler not exactly swims, but it can glide through waters. According to Pediatric Psychology, bilateral cross-patterning movements aid the cognitive improvement of your baby. Similarly cross patterning movements build neurons throughout the brain.  However, for a baby it’s not possible to manage such movements in a large swimming pool with increased depth. With a toddler pool, a baby can stretch its arms and legs as much as it wants and move freely without any hindrance.

Swimming Builds Confidence & Self Control

A great way to build confidence in your children is to engage them in water sports. Engaging   in fun  sports  with  fellow  children of the  residential complex  will  child  interact  more  and  he  will soon learn  about functioning in groups. Activities like water sports inculcate team spirit in young minds. Plus,   the fun of learning a new skill may boost your baby’s self-esteem.   According to the psychologists, children who take swim lessons from 2 months are more likely to adapt with new situations.  They develop more self-confidence than non-swimmers.

Swimming Improves Sleep Patterns & Appetite

Pool times are   great indeed for your kids, but this new environment consumes a lot of their energy. To cope up with this new environment, they’re working extra hard to stay warm. Hence, your little ones feel sleepy following the activity. The best part is they feel replenished right after they have their sleep. Schedule timely nap for your kids to keep them fit, fine and healthy.

The Takeaway

A toddler pool in your residential complex brings multifarious health benefits to your kids. That’s one of the prime reasons why potential homebuyers look for residential complex offering a living experience and not merely amenities. Nowadays, a plethora of properties across the city are coming up with a set of facilities that build a lifestyle statement and not just a cosy haven.

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