If you are a budget-conscious traveler, taking a cheap flight is not enough to save money and still explore the spot. You should have good knowledge about the most exciting yet budget-friendly countries for an unforgettable tour.


It is most probably, the cheapest country in Europe. With stupendous beaches, shining coastline, striking old towns and super-friendly people, Bulgaria offers the best value for your hard-earned money.


Another South American country making it to the list! The bewilderingly beautiful country is home to amicable people, breathtaking beaches, lush jungles, and Spanish colonial cities. In true sense, Columbia is a travelers’ paradise. But that’s not all. A recent drop in the value of Colombian peso is an incentive to the budget travelers.


A nice and cheap place for travel in the Caribbean Island! With a unique mix of Spanish and Caribbean vibes, sumptuous spreads and friendly inhabitants, it is one of the cheapest countries for a visit, we bet.


India is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. Most probably, it is the cheapest of all. India is the true epitome of beauty and unity in diversity. A pack of all possible kinds of contrasting features, a variety of finger-licking cuisines, scenic beauties and last but not the least, invigorating vibe makes the travel so interesting and amazing. You can enjoy a trip to India even on a tight budget.


Indonesia is one of the countries that you can travel at an affordable budget. Drink to the dollops of the amazing beauty of its white sand beaches, rice paddy field and jungle as well as experience the thrill of surfing and scuba diving while enjoying an incredible value for every rupiah spent.


Picturesque beaches, friendly local people, delicious cuisines and other amenities of this South American country offer an immersive traveling experience. There are several must-visit spots to explore, incredible things to experience and diverse delicacies to enjoy while traveling the country. And all these come at a budget that most buyers can comfortably afford.

South Africa

It is one of the beautiful and blissful countries offering a pack of exciting adventure sports to the locals as well as vacationers. It is a must-visit country for wildlife lovers and shutterbugs. You will enjoy a great return on your spending while taking a tour along its rustic and riveting coastline, exploring the jungle life and enjoying a bite off the Indi-Afro fusion cuisines.


Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey, is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Truly speaking, A great confluence of intoxicating architecture, exciting Mediterranean coastline, amazing Turkish delights, and friendly people is definitely an irresistible allure for the travelers, especially when all these come at pocket-friendly prices.


Home to numerous must-visit places, Thailand is one of the cheap destinations for the budget backpackers. Bangkok, its capital city, is the shoppers’ paradise. Explore the land to your heart’s content without having to keep a tab on your pocket always!


Greece, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, assures the travelers of the best value for their money. It surprises nearly all travelers how a strikingly beautiful country widely known for its ancient history, architectural grandeur and tasty cuisines can be so much affordable.


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