Radiology and its different sub-specialties are burdened by complex billing regulations. Recently, scrutiny of radiology billing claims has increased significantly.

Imaging centers and other radiology providers lose billions annually due to their billing mistakes and payer-side adjudication errors. Although there is not much that providers can do about payer-side errors, measures can be taken to minimize billing challenges.

But before that, it is more important to understand the different types of provider-side radiology billing issues. This is because billing issues may be different for every provider. And different billing issues often require different approaches.

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the top 3 radiology billing challenges for small and medium-sized providers.

1) Incorrect Information on Radiology Billing Claims:

Data-entry mistakes, standardization & formatting issues, and other avoidable manual errors account for about half of all billing errors for radiology procedures. After claims are denied, the provider has to correct mistakes and resubmit the claim.

However, some low value claims may not be worth resubmitting. But denials on high dollar value claims need to be managed. And this results in additional expenses.

Therefore, imaging centers and other radiology providers should prioritize information accuracy on claims to avoid revenue losses and denial management costs.

2) ICD-10 & CPT Code Assignment Errors:

Radiology billing codes and their usage guidelines can be confusing even for experienced coders. Although incorrect coding is part of incorrect claim information, coding mistakes on radiology claims are so common that they deserve special attention.

These errors also result in claim denials. In some cases, claims may be underpaid due to wrong code assignment. And so, ensuring the accuracy of codes on reimbursement claims is also very important for radiology providers.

To ensure coding accuracy, providers can:

  • Hire certified & experienced billing professionals
  • Leverage automated coding solutions
  • Outsource billing or any specific error-prone billing function

3) Containing Radiology Billing Expenses:

Small and medium-sized providers often have limited resources. They are also held back by their inability to invest in measures to optimize rising operational costs. And so, during staff shortages, wage increases, and other disruptions in the healthcare space, these providers tend to suffer the most.

Radiology billing companies that are reliable and cost-effective are the best option for these providers. With expert billing support, radiology practices can reduce their payroll costs by up to 80%. Being able to do this will not only help smaller providers to reduce expenses but also maximize revenue.

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Improve Efficiency with Trusted Radiology Billing Services

Radiology providers struggle with excessive regulatory burdens and complex billing requirements. To efficiently manage these challenges, small and medium-sized radiology practices need to invest in measures to improve efficiency. These measures could include hiring only certified billers to implementing changes to billing workflows.

The only problem is that these solutions can cause unwanted disruptions and they are expensive. But radiology billing services are not. These radiology billing experts provide certified healthcare revenue cycle management professionals at 80% lower cost than that of hiring in-house staff. Additionally, their streamlined workflows and billing best practices enable providers to optimize operations without significant disruption.

To learn more about how our radiology billing services streamline operations for providers, please contact Sunknowledge Services Inc., a HIPAA-compliant healthcare revenue cycle management organization serving US healthcare providers & payers since 2007.


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