The biodiversity of the country is vast with lush jungles, green grasslands, sandy beaches and lakes, dry deserts and wilderness to the snow capped Himalayas having rare and multiple flora and fauna. The forests in India are the ultimate getaway for every visitor including nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Get close to wildlife and watch the beasts in their natural habitat when you visit one of these

Here we discuss the Top 5 Forests in India for an amazing experience.

  1. Silent Valley National Park

There are many places that are not invaded by humans and this is one such place with evergreen flora and rare fauna including rare bird species, butterflies and wildlife. This is more than a safari as you can go trekking through the jungles or visit a village from where you can get a splendid view of the whole Silent Valley from above. This is one of the best places for nature lovers and birdwatchers also.

Silent Valley National Park

  1. Gir National Park, Gujarat

The Gir forests are a vast part of the Junagadh region in the state of Gujarat that became a national park in 1965. The wildlife here include the Asiatic Lions and several types of wild cats like desert cat, rusty spotted cat, and desert cat. This is an ultimate wildlife enthusiasts adventure as there are also rare wildlife species like the four horned antelope, mongoose, civets, nilgai, and chitals found here. Also, get to know about the Maharajas Express train fares for lean and peak season.

Gir National Park

  1. Vandalur Zoo, Tamil Nadu

If you want a perfect getaway from life’s monotony then this is the best place in this protected region of the Southern state. This is one of the best places for nature lovers because of the picturesque Eastern Ghats slopes that adds beauty to the thick green shrubs. Visitors to this park can spot animals such as the tall giraffe, camels, jaguars and also take part in night safari subject to availability in this forest that is also popularly known as Vandalur Zoo.

Vandalur Zoo, Tamil Nadu

  1. Sundarbans, West Bengal

This popular holiday destinations in India is also a wildlife forest is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are large regions of mangrove forests along the coastlines and freshwater swamp jungles with dense groups of Sundari trees. The Sundarbans are situated on the lands adjoining three rivers called Brahmaputra, Padma and Meghna and you find rare species like Chitals, royal Bengal tigers and crocodiles in the Sundarban National Park area.

Sundarbans, West Bengal

  1. Rantahmbore National Park

This is one of the top destinations to visit in India housing an ancient fort called Ranthambore Fort and the surrounding jungles. Visitors get to spot a tiger which is best seen at sunrise and they are dropped at the entrance gate if you visit by yourself.

There are various options like jeep or canter as per your requirement for the wildlife safari, once a erstwhile hunting region for the ancient Maharajahs and later a tiger reserve. The Palace on Wheels tours several major attractions in Rajasthan including the Ranthambore Wildlife Park at Sawai Madhopur. This is one of the best way to visit the wildlife parkas all safari fare and arrangements are included in the train fare while you travel in luxury.

Ranthambore National Park


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