As you’re getting ready for a job interview, you’ve probably gotten yourself through the usual preparation ritual: rehearsing your answers for the most common interview questions, picked your ideal interview outfit, and read so many information online on how to make a great first impression. 

Most of already heard the same standard interview etiquette tips: appear on time, dress properly, don’t use your phone, and so on. We’re sure you’ve heard this similar advice for so many times, it nearly lost its meaning. 

Although these tips are right for making you look like a decent person and not a complete fool, there are several secrets to the interview that can provide you with a great edge over other candidates. And the good news is, we’re here to share that with you! 

Here are the top interview secrets that will make you extraordinary from other candidates and help you get the job:

Have a Genuine Enthusiasm 

First in our list is to show up at your interview with a positive attitude. Many interviewers for sure won’t even have second thoughts to someone who has a negative vibe or looks like they almost need to be talked into the job.

Remember that when you are in an interview, you’re selling yourself, and the important part of you is the positive energy you’ll bring to the office every morning. When you put up that beautiful smile and friendly demeanour, it can go a long way. 

Familiarize Yourself About the Person Who’s Going to Conduct the Interview 

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Sometimes it doesn’t really hurt to cyberstalk someone! But this can be hard too, especially if the company is doing HR outsourcing. Nevertheless, look for a possible way for you to be able to look into the person you’re going to be meeting with. You may want to determine if they’re an HR representative, the manager of your potential department, or the CEO. You can check if they have a LinkedIn profile so you can read up on their career history. But don’t just look into their background, try to see their soul. This is just a joke! Don’t do it. What we mean is when you proceed with the interview knowing the background of the person, it will be easier for you to connect with them on a special level and address their particular concerns. 

If the CEO is the one who will be interviewing you, they will talk about the bigger picture, so you must also tell them your huge accomplishments. On the other hand, if the immediate supervisor is the one interviewing you, prove to them that you’re the person who’s best in handling everyday responsibilities of the job. 

Make Sure to Schedule the Interview That’s Most Convenient for the Interviewer 

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Do you know that even the time that you schedule your interview can have an impact on its result? If you pick a time that’s trouble-free for you might seem like the perfect option, but in reality, you should be adjusting to the needs of your interviewer. 

You don’t want to be first or last interview of the day. The brain of your interviewer will surely be preoccupied with all of the things they need to accomplish throughout the day, or with things they need to do when they get home. Here’s a guide on how you can schedule the best interview time: 

  • Don’t schedule it during pre-lunch and post-lunch meetings. If the interview is scheduled before lunchtime, it will get yours cut short, and if it’s after lunch it will mean that you’ll be waiting around for a while. 
  • Don’t schedule it immediately before or after a holiday break or long weekend. Their minds may tend to fly elsewhere when they know they have time off ahead of them. The interviewer’s attention should be focused on you. 

This means that the perfect time for an interview is normally mid-morning on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You may even ask them whatever time is most convenient for them. This will give them the impression that you’re courteous — earning your big points. 

Don’t Just Impress Them! Create a Connection With the Interviewer 

Your goal is not only to impress the interviewer but to also to have a genuine connection with them. This will also let them know that you have a nice personality, friendly, and possess great interpersonal skills. All of these traits are the things that employers look for in their perfect candidate. 

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To establish a great connection with your interviewer, don’t be shy for some old fashioned interview small talk. Don’t talk about lame weather and traffic conversations! Mention or ask something interesting about the company or ask the interviewer about themselves. They would feel nice and appreciate that you asked. 

Show Some Personality and Avoid Being Stiff 

Although it’s important to present yourself as a perfect fashion professional, it’s your personality that’s going to land you that job offer. They are already aware of the skills you have for the job, that’s why they’ve called you for an interview. It’s also the perfect tune for you to show them the person behind the resume.


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