Do you also wonder why luxurious boutique hotels give us the best night’s sleep? You might say that it could be freshly laundered sheets, or the well-managed, clutter-free decor. And if you’d also like to have that same vibe in your bedroom, it’s actually possible to recreate it.

Many people assume that revamping the appearance of your home can break the bank but there are several various ways that you can accomplish this on a budget. If you are on a fairly modest budget, here are some easy tips you can follow to transform your home’s interior and feel like you’re staying in five-star accommodation.

#1 Lush Bedroom

Your bedroom should take center stage if you want to have that luxurious hotel style. Just go back and try to remember how all the hotels you have visited look like. You would remember how their bedrooms are well-designed with matching bedding, pillows, and curtains.

You may begin with a supportive mattress and then layer it in opulent of plump down pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets (purchase the maximum thread count that you can afford), and a down comforter.

You want to make sure that your bed fits for a King/ Queen and outfitted with a lavish headboard that you can rest your head against. What you see in a hotel is smartly planned out and the design is very precise. Usually, in a hotel, the bedroom always has two side tables and side lamps, a couple of snuggly chairs with quaint side tables, a lovely wardrobe or cabinet, and a hidden television inside an elegant armoire.

#2 Dramatic Lighting

Your lighting can have a reasonable effect on the overall look and feel of your home. You may want to consider switching to softer lighting if you want to achieve that luxurious hotel look. Traditional bulbs are far too bright and harsh which is the opposite of how a hotel should be a place of relaxation. Have soft lighting in your bedroom with rich texture all over.

#3 Classy Bathroom

Yes! We know how you love to check the bathroom of that luxury hotel you are staying, including a jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower with full-body jets, or a double set of deep sinks with huge mirrors that were lit by glamorous wall sconces. Plus don’t forget to include those towels that were soft as fluffy clouds. If you want to replicate it in your home, you should give it an equally serene and posh decor.

Since we are talking about affordable options, we know that these features may be above your price point. What you can simply do is to change your shower curtains with pretty ones, add some plush towels, a bathroom made of supreme-quality cotton, and even some scented candles. You may tone down the lights a bit, then, you may start your spa-like session bath filled with bubbles.

#4 Fabulous Entry Way

When we walk into a hotel, what do we usually notice first? The amazing lobby filled with unique flower arrangement, glamorous mirrors, well-organized seating areas, dim lighting, and gorgeous artwork, right? But of course, we can’t do that. So how can you create that appealing small entryway of your own home?

The trick here is to gravitate your visitors’ eyes to a specific centerpiece that will have them feel welcomed into your home and something that translates to the rest of the styles of your home. For instance, you may want to place a small entryway table, whether it’s marble, shiny lacquer, or wood. The table can be your starting point. Then you can add a lovely lamp, several books, an elegant bowl that contains collected knick and knacks, and some beautiful flower arrangement (please, stop using fake ones).

If your table is against the wall, then place a statement mirror or piece of art above the table. You can also place a lavish chair that guests that can sit in when they’re taking on and off their shoes

#5 Well-Organized Space

Whether it’s a small or a big hotel, it would always maintain a well-organized space. Notice how bookcases, tables, and shelves were organized as if an interior designer outfitted them, well it’s because there’s a designer who organized them.

No need to hire a home builder or an interior designer to do this for you. Try to figure out what’s your purpose for coming up with well-designed home. To hide the clutter, you may want to use baskets and decorative bowls. You can place your beautiful vases and lamps on side tables. Group your chairs where people can have meaningful conversations.

If this is tricky for you, you can try one of those 3D floor planning apps or websites that can help you visualize the finished room before moving on a single piece of furniture.


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