Whether you’re thinking of buying your wedding dress off-the-rack, have it custom-made, or purchasing a pre-loved gown, there are still questions you need to ask first before picking the best wedding dress you would want to wear. So, if you’re planning to check out some wedding gowns, here are some questions you must ask first: 


1. When should I buy my wedding dress? 

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Commonly, a lot of brides are engaged for between 18 and 21 months, so this is to assume that you still have a lot of time to explore different shops and look for the ideal wedding dress. Aside from that, you must consider how long it will take you to find the dress you’re looking for; and when you found it, will it be already available?; do you have plans to lose or gain weight for your wedding day? 

You don’t want to start shopping too early or too late. So, here what you can do, you may begin looking for the gown at least nine to 12 months prior to the big day. Doing this will provide you six to 10 month to find it without getting stressed and anxious, giving you more time for altercations, or if you wish to create your wedding dress from scratch. 


2. Should I set an appointment? 

Since this is your first time, you might have some questions with how the appointment works. If you plan to visit a wedding dress shop, make sure that you give them a brief call a week or prior to your scheduled appointment. It will not only help to look forward to the shopping part, but it can give you a great idea of what you can expect when you visit. 

Remember that not all shops are the same when it comes to the time of appointment, the number of guests you can bring, and how many styles you can wear. It’s best that you contact them ahead to calm those nerves. And since you’ll be calling them, ask them if they have any promotions, you might even get a huge deal or discount and even have the opportunity to meet the person behind the creation of your dress. So, make sure your wedding coordinator keeps a tab on the appointment date. 


3. How would you design this dress? 

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Most of the time, dress designs can be styled with removable overskirts, matching sashes, or detachable bows or sleeve features. These things are not always displayed beside their corresponding gowns, and you will miss these cool options for our dress just hanging in the corner of the shop. You might even discover a different veil that matches perfectly with a gown that’s matched by your stylist. Ask the stylist about accessories too because they know how to combine them with your specific style. Trust their knowledge, they know how to create the look you’re eyeing for. 


4. Do you allow brides to customize their own dress in any way? 

The best way to have your gown designed in a unique and special way is to be able to customize some details to it by yourself. Sometimes you are free to change the lining colour or lowering the neckline if you want too. Many designers will provide custom changes, so don’t be shy to ask your stylist. Also, if you want something more particular, this will help keep your option available. Take note that these changes will surely charge for additional fees.


5. What can happen if I gain or lose weight before the wedding? 

This can be really tricky! You don’t want this to happen, especially if the dress has already been measured or altered and your wedding date is nearby. It will be easier if it’s a lace-up gown, however, a wedding gown with a zip is a different story, you’ll just look awkward. With that being said, this can be fixed but expect that there’s an additional charge to the alterations, and if you think you have a problem with your weight, speak immediately with your seamstress as soon as possible, especially if your dress is the complicated one, it will take a longer time. No matter how early you bought your wedding dress, you need to take care of your body so there would be no problem and altercations going to happen. So watch your lifestyle and what you eat! 


6. How can I dry clean or preserve my dress? 

If you worry about how to preserve your dress, nearly all wedding dress boutiques will help you, or provide you with advice on how you can maintain the dress after the wedding. Some shops will sell you their dress boxes where you’ll put your gown for the long term. 

However, if this is not possible, they will suggest some of their preferred suppliers when it comes to preservation and dry cleaning. 

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