If you are considering a WordPress web design in Toronto, here are 9 plugins you shouldn’t be without.

With more and more of our social lives and work lives going online, it has never been more important to have a strong web presence. New WordPress sites are being built every day, and those that already have them are realizing they need to get them into shape quickly.

WordPress leans heavily on plugins to provide out-of-the-box functionality, so knowing which ones to install can save a great deal of time. Here is a list of suggested plugins and why you might need them. We have deliberately steered clear of obvious suggestions like Yoast, Jetpack and WooCommerce, but look into them if you are new to WordPress.


Babble is a free open-source translation tool available from GitHub. Although there are several translation plugins available, Babble is well-suited for bloggers because it helps you review and edit your translated pages before publishing. In Canada – and everywhere in this global age – it is simply good business to speak to the widest possible audience. Implementing a completely multilingual site can be tricky, so if you need help with web design in Toronto and other Canadian cities, consider professional help.


Building a site is only your first challenge; then you have to optimize it to get visitors and customers. How are you going to do that if you don’t know what you are doing well and what you’re doing badly? MonsterInsights expands on the traffic analytics provided by Google, making it easy to view and understand on your own website. It will tell you what pages are visited, what browser they use, where the traffic comes from and how many people leave immediately.

Akismet Anti-Spam

It is a sad fact that you will definitely be targeted with spam by hackers working for dodgy marketing companies. Akismet is recognized as one of the best solutions you can install. There is a free version and a premium one.

Can I Use Cookies?

This plugin from Doky is a simple way to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. The US CCPA and European GDPR both require you to get consent about using cookies, and many plugins may use them without you even knowing. Canadian legislation is also in the pipeline, so fortunately for anyone planning a web design in Toronto, this particular cookie challenge is bilingual – in both French and English.


If you want to win and retain your visitors, you absolutely must encourage them to become involved with your brand. wpDiscuz from gVectors provides a discussion board. You can implement it just to invite comments about a post or a product review, or you can transform yourself into a social media platform by encouraging in-depth conversations.

Social Snap

A website simply isn’t enough these days. More people than ever are using social media platforms to do virtually everything, and you must encourage visitors to share you across social media. The first step is to provide social media buttons on your website. There are plenty of plugins to do this, but many haven’t kept up with the times and might be limited to just Facebook and Twitter. This plugin will provide you with more than 30 platforms.


With so many of us now working online, websites are now often interwoven with other business software such as video conferencing app Zoom. This plugin is designed to help you integrate and automate many of your everyday work functions and communications.

WAJ Copyright Year

This plugin from Jaimeson Waugh does one small but important thing: it updates your copyright notice – a vital detail for bloggers. Instead of saying “©2019” forever, it will now automatically update every year to read “©2019-2021” so that all your material will always be covered.

Rocket Fireworks

After such a terrible year, everyone should begin 2021 with fireworks! This plugin is great for the New Year but also for a host of other celebrations throughout the coming year – and we hope there will be many.

Web design in Toronto

WordPress is intended to be easy to use, relatively speaking. In reality, it presents many challenges, and most unskilled developers need assistance sooner or later. By planning and thinking through your concerns and priorities before approaching a designer, you can make sure you get what you need and avoid paying for a whole load of things you probably don’t need.


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