Tingkat catering services are the most preferred caterer in Singapore, providing nutritious and delicious food items to people at their doorstep. It is the most convenient and hassle-free catering service that provides all its details related to the food items on their website.

The food made is purely fresh and good enough to eat among two, and it is prepared by a cloud kitchen, which is centralized in all areas to enable the delivery in time at the doorstep of the customers. It is a one-stop solution for busy moms and individuals who don’t have the time to cook and eat. The list of services that Tingkat caterers provide are more preferred by the people living in Singapore which are mentioned below-

Most preferred Food Menus that Tingkat includes

The Tingkat caterer is known for the goodness in the meals they provide. The healthy home-cooked meals include Chicken that is steamed with garlic sauce, a mixed soup of Chicken and mushroom added with black Pepper Pork, and fish with spring onions. These are all made from fresh local produce and cooked with less oil, less salt by using vegetable oil to make it healthy and light for the working individuals. Tingkat packages are available for the people in both Lunch and dinner.

They prepare hearty meals cooked using only the freshest and healthy ingredients taken from trusted suppliers and are conducted on every dish to ensure consistency in taste and quality before delivery to satisfy the foodies. In these catering services, the meal sets typically include meat, a vegetable dish or soup, some dishes that include the Sambal Fish, and finally a homemade Dough Fritters with some sauce mixed. Only Lunch or dinner or both Lunch and dinner are available in these catering services.

Some of the caterers are family run catering business. It takes the daily delivery produced in its Kitchen to ensure the freshest ingredients are used and cook nutritious and yummy food items. They provide the Lunch and dinner on the weekend days. The menu includes steamed fish served with tomatoes, broccoli with sea cucumber, and a special lemongrass chicken dish.

Almost all Singapore people prefer those food items that provide food with no oil, no spices, and no plates of seafood. Rather it includes food like Oven Baked Salmon, Nonya Prawn, Oven Roasted Chicken mixed with Herbs, and they all cooked with less salt and less oil.


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